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  1. onlywin

    After posting 100 shorts in day basically 0 view?

    lmfao what real person uploads 100 shorts in a day... of course you're gonna get penalized, you're spamming. There's two ways this will go - 1. Youtube will either ban you or 2. you will burn yourself out.
  2. onlywin

    My bit,ly link got block and I lost 70% from my traffic HOW CAN I SLOVE THIS?

    Did you even read his post? ......
  3. onlywin

    How to use FAKE HACK VIDEOS?

    BHW has had an influx of idiots recently :-/
  4. onlywin

    Good Day to All This Beautiful Community. Can Someone Help Me with some informations about Youtube Editing?

    Use adobe audition and scrub the audio you don't want out
  5. onlywin

    Youtube hidden comments

    just spam comments, thats all
  6. onlywin

    Seo Group Buy

    What do you expect when a load of noobs use the same account... it'll just get spammed to death, and most likely the end result will be the account will end up banned anyways. Better to get your own account and have full control of how much you use of it
  7. onlywin

    what is the best CTR for youtube ?

    Before asking this question, did you search for the answer on Google?
  8. onlywin

    The way people interact with your page is the biggest ranking factor

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on the achievement! I've already thought of a few ideas I can use from this so thanks!
  9. onlywin

    How can I get thousands of views from Youtube Search for my bodybuidling channel?

    Your watch time is abysmal. Youtube considers your content as not very good. Work on better content.
  10. onlywin

    I need help with my YouTube channel

    Maybe don't copy other peoples content in the first place?
  11. onlywin

    Instagram dm bot + Twitter dm bot

    As title states, let me know how many DMs you can send and how much you charge. thanks
  12. onlywin

    CTR & Retention?

    People keep saying CTR & Retention are the most important factors to get the algorithm to push your video? Please can someone explain to me why on this 40 minute video, with 56%+ retention, 13% CTR, 100% likes, and some comments, that Youtube doesn't push my video, 4 days after publishing...
  13. onlywin

    Reposting TikToks to YouTube shorts still works! *4.5M views in 7 days*

    Is there a way to download TikTok videos without the on-screen text? The annotations not the watermark, I know how to remove watermark just not the text a user puts on the screen
  14. onlywin

    [DISCUSSION] I don't necessarily enjoy watching this sh*t but i lose track of time!

    This, you're clearly strange if you enjoy this type of crap
  15. onlywin

    Youtube Spam How can they still do this?

    Where do they buy big channels?
  16. onlywin

    ⚛️ FUELTOK ⚛️ TikTok Bot On The Cloud To Follow/Unfollow Accounts Automatically | TikTok Likes & Views

    Trying to sign up but "Servers are currently down" when registering.
  17. onlywin

    is this real? 1 view = 149 usd

    How nice of you, maybe don't ask for advice if you can't handle the truth?
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