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    Made my first clickbank sale!!

    awesome job dude, keep it up
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    I am in the mood to start up a website. Any ideas?

    price comparison website baby! full of affiliate products..
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    Making duplicate articles unique

    it'd still be seen as duplicate content man.. dont waste your time.
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    Question about duplicate content and news aggregators

    -Bompa I agree that you wont get banned using duplicate content, but if your site is say a niche marketing (MFA) site Duplicate content is bad for your site.
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    A question for SEO experts

    Thanks robotluv.. decent tips here..
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    "Duplicate" content

    you wanna make sure that if you are rewritting articles that you do it to be at least 80% unique, duplicate content is just wasting your time..
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    Duplicate Content Checker

    copyscape is best for dup content checking right?
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    Submitting Articles

    dude, couldn't agree anymore with you there..
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    No Such thing as duplicate content - Revealed

    using Duplicate Content is like entering a running race and knowing that you'll only ever finish second.. The site that originated the use of the article (got the article indexed on their site first) will have the better hope and chance of ranking on the KW (if the article is SEO targeted), but...
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