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  1. cheesecake

    10,000 Real Human Visitors For Only $7!

    Hi ghazz. You say you don't allow redirects but can I use cparedirector to hide the referrer? Visitors would be going to my site and then redirected to another. Since this is BHW, and everybody uses cparedirector I have to ask. Thanks.
  2. cheesecake

    How to make $50+ a day on with Youtube!!

    Close this thread already! Don't you people realize that the sole purpose of this is to get you to signup under his referral? Don't you people even TRY to do the math behind something like this? Like I said.. these posts cheapen the F%ck out of this forum. This is not what it used to be. Not...
  3. cheesecake

    How to make $50+ a day on with Youtube!!

    I really reaaaaaly doubt you can make $50 a day with this. Do you realize the amount of traffic you would need? They pay $1 for 2000 US visitors. So that's 100k US visitors alone. Ok, so they do count I think 5 hits from the same Ip or something.. but still.. how many hits from the same Ip are...
  4. cheesecake

    hostable - 3 years for a buck

    POS service. 2 days offline now and support says everything is fine. stay away
  5. cheesecake

    Free $100 Adwords - HURRY Today Only

    I did not get it either.
  6. cheesecake

    Free $100 Adwords - HURRY Today Only

    May I have one? [email protected] John M.
  7. cheesecake

    [METHOD] $60 PER Video/month - HIGHLY SCALABLE - Newbie Friendly!

    Yeah.. you can blank the referer but they will always know where you have the gateway code on or where the gateway redirects to.
  8. cheesecake

    Any good free autosurf site?

    I took a look at SionIAM but they take forever to approve your site. Other smaller sites have limits on how many credits you can earn per day. Thanks.
  9. cheesecake

    [METHOD] $60 PER Video/month - HIGHLY SCALABLE - Newbie Friendly!

    How you prevent your CPA company from seeing the illegal content? Or do they not check?
  10. cheesecake

    Is There A Secure Login For Youtube & Twitter For WiFi!

    How about using question marks?
  11. cheesecake = bait and switch?

    powerteam, that is correct. As for as what they just told me.
  12. cheesecake = bait and switch?

    ok.. spoke to one of their reps.. they changed the automatic renewal from 3 years to 3 months. So basically you still get the 3 years for free and after that, instead of charging you 3 years ($250 dollars or so), it will be 3 months. You can check this is the billing section in your account.
  13. cheesecake = bait and switch?

    Got the same email. What a freaking scam.
  14. cheesecake

    Question: IP Spoofing

    You can't spoof your IP address.
  15. cheesecake

    [TUTORIAL] Integrate CPA Frames in Regular Form

    This is great. Only thing I notice is that with IE the form is centered in your sample page but with FF4 it is not. :/
  16. cheesecake

    I Will Pay $30 for a ClickBank Account Via PayPal [Read Now]

    Is this some sort of weird money laundering?
  17. cheesecake

    JV Opportunity: Need Digitalpoint Account + Hosting

    I have a 2004 account with a couple positive itrader.
  18. cheesecake

    [GET] 3 Year Hosting For 99c From Hostable

    ^^ Like July said. Just get a fake paypal, transfer $1 to it, register and forget it.
  19. cheesecake

    How a dude made 2.5 million and lost it all!

    I must admit that I skimmed through the text but where exactly did this guy "lose 2.5 million"? What I got from it was that he had a successful idea, made a ton of money, bought a ton of things, made a website overhaul that led to losing traffic. But where did he LOSE the money? I mean, he spent...
  20. cheesecake

    Goddady-$1 domains

    Enter the promo code when checking out mate.
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