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  1. SuperLinks

    What do you think about this company, reputation seo

    I've heard of it but haven't had any experience with them. Here's an important question though, what if they happen to spam? Who cares? If the strategies work and it fixes your online reputation who cares if they utilize spam?
  2. SuperLinks

    PBN links after googles update

    PBN's are still the holy grail of links if the PBN network is high quality, which more often than not they aren't high quality. I've been using PBN's since before PBN's were a thing, I also have several PBN's myself that are well over 500+ sites each. The biggest problem is managing the entire...
  3. SuperLinks

    How to grab Targeted Based Emails in Bulk

    You'll likely need to pay, I know there are nulled versions you can find online but they are often old and out of date so I don't recommend them. As an example is GSA Email Spider, the latest version nulled on the net is awful compared to the latest version which is only available via paid...
  4. SuperLinks

    How to grab Targeted Based Emails in Bulk

    Not sure how you can do this for free but one tool that you may want to look into is GSA Email Spider and/or GSA Targeted Email finder. Both options allow for search engine scraping and filters that can help you find the best email addresses. GSA Email Spider also has an email sender functionality.
  5. SuperLinks

    How to find all external links from a website's inner pages?

    You can do this with Ahrefs, but it's obviously not real time where as Scrapebox can offer real time external link lists. It's honestly so easy with Scrapebox that you could train your VA to do it in 10 min. However your VA will need enough bandwidth to support crawling.
  6. SuperLinks

    How to find all external links from a website's inner pages?

    Scrapebox can do this with their external internal/external tool. You'll need to either have the internal links that you need to crawl, or do two crawls to accomplish this.
  7. SuperLinks

    bot that searches your keyword in ranks and clicks your site?

    Holy hell that website is awful. I'll have to check this out. I used another tool called serpify which was bloated and never worked properly. They supposedly rebuilt it and may give it a try again but last time I used it their logic was flawed, which is probably why it never worked properly.
  8. SuperLinks

    Google Penguin 4.0 Launched

    Not Penguin and linkresearchtools information should be taken with a grain of salt, they are simply trying to pimp their link removal services. Penguin is coming but it's not here yet.
  9. SuperLinks

    Best Credit Card Processor

    I'm not sure I can help you with high risk, I'd say it's all maintaining your chargebacks and providing refunds proactively for upset clients and taking the hit rather than damaging your account with chargebacks. I would NOT recommend 2checkout, avoid them at all costs. They are far behind the...
  10. SuperLinks

    Some observations about the latest Google core updates

    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. As stated I track thousands of different campaigns and have seen evidence of a complete revert on all of the changes that were rolled out from this core update. One thing I noticed was a huge shift for brand related/company related search terms, which...
  11. SuperLinks

    Some observations about the latest Google core updates

    They absolutely rolled it back, I'm seeing all of the changes across hundreds of different niches/keywords back to previous rankings prior to the core update. They also have seemed to "freeze" the results as nothing is moving as it usually does since the roll back. My guess is they were...
  12. SuperLinks

    Daily Updated Link Lists by SeRocket GSA / ScrapeBox / Verified Link List

    Please try again, I have room now. Thanks
  13. SuperLinks

    Daily Updated Link Lists by SeRocket GSA / ScrapeBox / Verified Link List

    Give me $20 Discount Coupon Looking forward to it.
  14. SuperLinks

    Modifying GSA Public Proxy List Testing Source

    Never have figured out a solution, figured I'd try here again before asking elsewhere.
  15. SuperLinks

    Modifying GSA Public Proxy List Testing Source

    I'm testing a few new methods with GSA and needed help figuring out GSA's public proxy testing feature. I'm looking to compile a large list of anonymous proxies that can be used for posting on websites rather than scraping search engines. How do I setup the proxy tester to check for ONLY...
  16. SuperLinks

    Spam Links Sent To One Of My Inner Pages. Is Deleting That Page Good Enough? Disavow?

    Deleting the page won't help as others have mentioned and neither will disavowing. Your only option if you want to be proactive is link removals. Keep in mind you've got another Penguin update right around the corner. Probably wise to get on it as soon as you can.
  17. SuperLinks

    Overnight Drop in Rankings

    More than likely manual penalty, Google has rolled out a ton of penalties lately. At times the penalty notice will follow ranking drops, other times it is the other way around.
  18. SuperLinks

    How to handle spam links?

    Disavowing links is the worst possible advice, it's a worthless tool built on pipe dreams. You need to remove the links in order to prevent issues with Penguin.
  19. SuperLinks

    Penguin 3.0 released couple of hours ago ?

    Spammer be spamming?
  20. SuperLinks

    Site Spammed What to do..?

    If you have control of the redirect from the url trimming service than remove it. Otherwise not much you can do, disavow doesn't do jack and Google likely won't respond to a link removal request.
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