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    Looking for potential clients.

    I also write for odesk. They are the safest freelancing site I have known because there is a contract and most clients really pays but they pay too low to be a source of steady income. The work is not also stable even if you have more than 2 clients.
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    My AC Earnings $$

    Oh, there are also other sites like suite101 where you are just given royalties and money goes in if you have achieved high page views. This is somewhat similar to AC.
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    Article writing

    It's better to hire an article writer/rewriter than using any software. Words are scrambled and hard to understand when you use a software while a real writer can add a personal touch and realistic insights in your articles. A good content is important if you are going to publish it online. It...
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    Need to make some money in 2 weeks

    Most of the clients pays twice a month and in freelancing, there is always a risk of not being paid by the client unless if you already have build your credibility as a writer and have found a client that pays, you can negotiate the payment transactions to be adjusted.
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    New in article writing

    Odesk is a good one. They are a legit site that really pay. To enter the site, you have to create an account there for free. Build your profile and then you can apply to some of their job postings about writing.
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    Beware about Ozio Media

    They say they will pay $2-$15 weekly (every friday) for every 500 words but when the time comes for the payday, they will give negative comments in your articles like poor grammar/content and will end your contract right away without hearing about your payment. While you are working on the...
  7. A is the 500th Most Popular Site on the Internet

    Without any ranking, I definitely love this forum. It's good to be here. :)
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    250 Votes for my new girlfriend to enter beauty contest!

    I would like to help you with this bro but I cannot access the link. I don't know what's wrong. :(
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    Making Money Commenting on Youtube Videos

    Oh, how can you make money from just commenting videos in youtube? How do they pay? Who pays you?
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    Need 4 Articles Written

    Why you don't like Indian and Filipino workers? Aren't they good?
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    Need Your Thoughts Please

    Oh, you already offered a good price and service. It seems that he is only trying to makes his way to save more money in paying you low but he will gain more profits on that. He's clever. You already gave him an excellent offer. If he won't accept that, go find another client. Don't go below...
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    Happy Fathers day !

    Oh, yeah. Happy fathers day to all fathers!
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    Best "Self-Help" Books (Motivational)

    "The Greatest Salesman in the World" by Og Mandino is also a good one.
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    $0.6/100words - 100% Unique Content!!

    This is way too cheap and I guess unfair for the writers. They are being paid less that what they deserve.
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    What are good places to earn some cash writing articles?

    I registered in Odesk. They seem good but most clients are paying too low for a project
  16. A a scam or not?

    I tried neobux because of its good reviews. I tried to cash out and I did. They really pay and is obviously not a scam. I tried to rent clickers using the money that I didn't cash out from neobux to earn more but sad to say, I have not gained any. I am just giving out my money. The clickers that...
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    New - STAY AWAY from Freelancer 6/2011

    Oh, I have an account in freelancer before but I stopped because a client chose me among other bidders but unfortunately my laptop experienced some technical difficulty so I know I cannot deliver the project on time so I told the client to just replace me before anything goes wrong. So me and...
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    Fuck Paypal/eBay

    Oh, that's bad. I have a paypal account too that I haven't used for almost a year but it has money in there. I think, I also have to check it now.
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    Fuck Paypal/eBay

    Oh, that's bad. I have a paypal account too that I haven't used for almost a year but it has money in there. I think, I also have to check it now.
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    Top 10 torrent search Engine

    utorrent is also good.
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