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    Product reviews on site and on google shopping

    I am in need of product reviews for my products on my website and on google shopping this is in the field of radiology and we have been in business over 25 years we recently got into the online game and for whatever reason nobody leaves reviews even though we have over 2,000 clients anyway we...
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    MANTA scrape

    I am looking for someone to scrape MANTA for a few specific keywords in the United States only I want an excel export with all available data address, contact, phone email etc. I do not want to deal with a program myself or proxies or captchas etc. I just want the excel output please HMU on...
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    New site, many new problem, many more questions... HELP!

    So in mid december we launched a brand new website that had been around for ~20 years the site was built on a .asp server and we switched to a linux based server needless to say all of out link structures changed from ending with .asp to ending normally The content got better, the code got...
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    Need a Designer NOW for project needed to be completed in 4 ours

    We forgot to have our postcards made for a convention we are at tomorrow and i need HELP! I need someone I can work with to knock out a print ready design ASAP Need a 5x7 with bleed with printing setup on 1 8.5 x 11 page with cut lines so essentially we will fit 2 to a page skype...
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    Need a Clean worpress design populated with info from existing .asp site

    What I have: I currently have a website with only sub directories on .asp and it currently has 1850 pages. This is a white hat business. What I want: I want to switch things to a subdirectory structure on a CMS system like wordpress optimized for long term SEO and all pages ported to the...
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    WTH: Data entry PDF ---> excel

    This, job as of now is still open as I have yet to close the deal with anyone. I have received a ton of responses, so please be patient as I respectfully try to get back to you as I vet each person in order until someone pans out. Justin
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    WTH: Data entry PDF ---> excel

    I have 162 pages of ADs I need data pulled off of and put into an excel file. This could also be ongoing work. please PM me or hit me up on skype this is an urgent matter and it will take a little understanding of how to read a print AD. Skype: clark.0305
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    CPA J/V 70/30 split

    I have several accounts now idle that can be used for a J/V<br><br>revenueads<br>monetizeit<br>mundomedia<br><br>let me know if you are interested.
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    Mobile App backend

    not the app as I have the front end of mine done what I need is a backend for the input
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    Mobile App backend

    What I need is really the ability to take the backend of an app that currently exist for example I have no way of seeing the backend input for he iOS app valpak but whatever it is i need it because my app has the same functionality so 1. is there anyway to get into/see/copy their backend? 2...
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    Tweet Buddy - You Can't Dominate Twitter w/o The Best Web Based Software

    You gotta pick one of the already there packages Email me [email protected] And we can work it out
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    Tweet Buddy - You Can't Dominate Twitter w/o The Best Web Based Software

    yes if you want to pay for 6 months i will give you a years worth of access please email me [email protected]
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    Tweet Buddy - You Can't Dominate Twitter w/o The Best Web Based Software

    i have just added a new user control panel please give feedback on it as i think it is a million times better than the old justin
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    How do I Start my own CPA network?

    Let me be the first to say.... nothing is taken personally and i appreciate people pointing out the positives and negatives of trying
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    How do I Start my own CPA network?

    You can leverage that without starting a network... Why not start running your own CPA offers out in those mailers? You'll make more and have less of a headache on this note i would love to find some offer with dial in payouts..... i've tried some CPA offers but mailer to web is more...
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    How do I Start my own CPA network?

    First even if i don't take it a step further the replies and PMs with knowledge especially from paperdonut is what makes this forum great. It appears that my best option is to find an established CPA network and see if i can buy in to learn the ropes... so anyone looking for that let me know...
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    How do I Start my own CPA network?

    i've been a member of yours since you started.... you are actually what inspired me i've seen you go through the ups and downs a bit
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    How do I Start my own CPA network?

    i'm not worried about the work do you think you could spare some time to mentor me? i'm more wanting to start it fresh not hop on hasoffers etc. i have quite a network and i own a direct mail business that gets into hundreds of thousands of homes a month here in the US and i think i can...
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    How do I Start my own CPA network?

    That is where I want to be so let's do it justin
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    Elite Private Proxies by SquidProxies - Guaranteed Working - Exclusive BHW Discount

    I have been a squid proxy user to power tweet buddy for almost 2 years.... I am in dire need of an response to my ticket [Ticket ID: 249408]. please contact me asap i am depending on you thanks justin
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