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    Only keyword in title

    Having the keyword in the title is a good start with on-page seo but it is not a magic bullet. Rather just a very tiny piece of the pie.
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    What should I do?

    Have you done any research on the competition for that keyword? That should be your next step.
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    How Do You Drive Traffic with YouTube?

    Does your program solve a problem? If it does then explain that in the video The video needs to entice the user to click. Tell them their missing out on something BIG if they don't click. Try and play with their emotions. One Tip: At the end of your video have a 30 second call to action at...
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    Newbie questions about SEO

    1. I would make sure your on-page seo is on point then just focus on building backlinks and updating your site with fresh content as often as possible. 2. I would suggest you at least try it yourself. This way you can learn a little something and if seo is not for you then you will have more...
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    5 Most Important Link Building Methods & Tools

    I think a mininet are websites linked together that you control and linkwheels are web2.0 properties linked together around a money site/page.
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    Any free bookmarking bot?

    I have a social bookmarking ubot app in the works. It will create accounts and post. It will also support spun text. I'm just wondering how many bookmarking sites I should include and which ones. Once it is finished I will add it to the downloads section.
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    Tools To Create a Wordpress Farm?

    Wordpress Mu is a good way to go but if you are also trying to use these sites for backlinks having them on the same ip wont have much benefit.
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    how can i make a lot with google adwords

    A good start would be to have relatively deep pockets.
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    Tools To Create a Wordpress Farm?

    I am currently working on a ubot app that will auto install and configure wordpress installations and plugins. I am also going to include a wordpress multi poster that will be able to post spun articles across a wp blog network. I will be releasing it this week in the downloads section.
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    Backtrack 4 - Wireless card question

    That looks like a newer version then the one that I was using.
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    Backtrack 4 - Wireless card question

    Backtrack is a great distro if you are into network security and penetration testing.
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    Backtrack 4 - Wireless card question

    fiber optic internet offered by verizon
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    Backtrack 4 - Wireless card question

    When I moved in to my new apt there was one open wifi connection and it had no bars. with the hawking it boosted the signal to almost full strength when pointed directly at the network. It got me through until i got fios installed. Its also great for war driving ;-)
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    Backtrack 4 - Wireless card question

    I used to use backtrack3 with a Hawking Hi-Gain USB Wireless adapter. It was about $50 bucks and since it is a dish you can point it in the direction of a network. It has great line of site signal strength. I would assume that the driver was included in v4.
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    Favorite Anitivirus Software?

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    I sold my domain now how do I transfer it?

    You need to unlock the domain and request an authorization code. The buyer initiates the domain transfer and enters the authorization code. Depending on the registrar it can take up to 5 days complete.
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    what car do you drive

    2005 Nissan SER SpecV
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    Restore Windows XP? Help

    Ubuntu FTW. Clean install of XP would be best. Make sure you at least have the nic and video drivers before you install XP.
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    Question About Ubuntu

    I have been running Ubuntu as my primary OS for the last few months. Definitely get virtualbox and configure a couple virtual xp machines especially if you use cracked software. If the virtual machine gets comprimised you can easily restore it without affecting your primary desktop.
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    Content Network Only Campaign Help?

    I believe you need to add keywords for your ad to show on relevant pages with in the specific website(s) content on the content network.
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