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    Looking for someone to clone a website script for me. PHP/SQL/HTML, or even Java.

    Hey, This is a re-post since others who offered to program a script for me vanished after they agreed. Need someone who does this on a regular basis that I can rely on. Please have some user feedback. I will include a link to the page to be copied in private message so you get a better idea...
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    Using gmail to reply to ebay messages?

    read my last msg.. same answer. Use a fake gmail made from a different ip, + Tor Browser.
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    What Country Are You From?

    No Homers Land.
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    [Need] I need safe Verified Paypal account

    arplayer2k, why you harping on his balls? Maybe he just wants to use paypal, or has a method he needs paypal for. Let him ask for what he wants, and offer some solid help, instead of giving him attitude.
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    Using gmail to reply to ebay messages?

    Just make your gmail stealth, AND use a tor browser when doing any of your stealth e-bay tasks.
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    Quick 5$ who fix a little paypal error

    Clear your cache, or betetr yet download fire fox, or chrome.
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    Report your competitor to Google?

    instead of figuring how to be a D and trying to play unfair, figure out how to rank yourself higher, and you will make more money in the end . Looks from what you posted that your lazy to link build , and you just want to cry baby that you have to do some work finally.
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    Tax info... What do I do???

    Lol... its not hard, you just haven't looked on google, or just go ask a damn accountant.. Its simple. Get the info.. your accountant does all the paperwork.
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    Canadian Zip code database

    Canada dosnt have zip codes. each house and business has its own personal postal code. the list would be in the millions , you need to scrape addresses for what your looking for
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    Tax info... What do I do???

    Your quite ok to give cj your ssn, its not all defcon 1 to do so in this case. cj has required it for years now. All you need to worry about is filling out a w9 form they send you and your 1099 form they send you if you make over $600 in a physical year. The w9 is a standard contractors form...
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    Need a simple PHP/HTML/SQL webpage script.

    Hi Thanks for your message, but not looking to be done in WP.
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    Need a simple PHP/HTML/SQL webpage script.

    Hi, still looking for a programmer. Please have a test hosting server so I can look at the completed product.
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    closing an ebay account and walking away

    Lol, Don't sell free trial software, all it takes is one person to figure out your selling free trials and your screwed if you get a negative feedback, when you only have a hand full of feedback to start with. Ether way, you need to pay back on paypal, and ebay. You cant close any accounts...
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    Would An Email list of Every Student In A Specific College Be Worth Anything?

    Oh, btw, students like credit and money. Get them to sign up to online banking , and take the refferal bonus, I dunno, be a financial consultant for students. Get them to sign up to shit, and then some more shit!
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    Would An Email list of Every Student In A Specific College Be Worth Anything?

    Of course they are worth something. It depends how you use them, be creative. What do students like? Booze, Sex, and to make life easier and fun on campus. Can do it a legit way, or blackhat way. Make an offer for an on campus pub/bar/store, get people to click on advertisements on a landing...
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    [Help] Can't Access Paypal Resolution Center (Limited Account)

    Don't worry about your English. The reps you speak to a majority of the time are in the Philippines. If you speak to the fraud/investigations, or senior support, they usually in the states. Just use a calling card, they cant verify where your from. Plus plenty of immigrants in the USA, the...
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    Getting money from a limited paypal

    Real question is, what did you sell that got you a chargeback for a $200+ item. Paypal don't just take your money, and side with the buyer %100 .If you have a standard chargeback, your account is not limited, it is just in negative balance. Your next step is to get it funded, and find someone to...
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    Need a simple PHP/HTML/SQL webpage script.

    Hey, Need a webpage that users can use a script that will accept accept about 5 or 6 inputs, maybe 2-3 category specific selections and then display them on the main page in a descending manner. (can boxed/tabled off to separate the posted notes) When they are displayed on the main page ...
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    adsense acc

    Find a different way to monitorize your website or sell them off.
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