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    ways to monetize pinterest quotes channel

    Explain how please
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    I need your opinion on keyword density

    I have been doing keyword research but i don't know which one to write next. I write for a shopping keyword like "coffee tables" because most of the ranking are shopping sites and the KD is very low. There are 3 options i have. Write directly on "coffee tables"? Take a step back and write...
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    Warming social media account

    Thank you
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    Best way to bulk create pinterest

    I was planning to do it like you did at first but seeing it also works with larger numbers then I will post 20 a day, one every hour or so with a bit of random posting. What about repins of other people's pins, have you had any experience with that? Do you know if Pinterest has a limit for...
  5. J

    Warming social media account

    So I created a bunch of Pinterest accounts then I decided to follow several people. I only followed 4 people when my account got banned. Reading online, all I see is advice to warm accounts but no one says how to actually warm an account. How do I warm a Pinterest account? 10 pins a day in...
  6. J

    Best way to bulk create pinterest

    Everyone is talking about warming the account but no one has told me how to warm it. 1 pin a day first week. 10 pins 2 week... or 2 of my pins then 10 repins from other pinners on Pinterest. What pinning strategy should i use to warm up my accounts?
  7. J

    Best way to bulk create pinterest

    How do I warm it? Give me a posting schedule I should follow or time to warm it.
  8. J

    Best way to bulk create pinterest

    What strategy do you recommend for the warm up? 10 pins a day with 30 repins from other Pinterest users will be too much? I got banned on one of the accounts for following just 4 people immediately after i opened the account.
  9. J

    Best way to bulk create pinterest

    What about repins? I am thinking of adding 10 pins per day then 30 repins from other sources on Pinterest. Is there a limit on repins for other Pinterest users for new accounts?
  10. J

    Changing my niche

    I want to change my niche to a completely different niche on pinterest on my old account . It has followers and a couple years old so I believe it will rank faster on the old account than a new account. What do you guys think?
  11. J

    My tiktok cpa method with ogads

    How do you earn by video upload? Do you make a link and tell people to go click the link in bio or you earn by them simply watching the videos like ads? Explain the process.
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    How to monetize account

    I have a Pinterest account on mobile wallpapers. Wallpapers for smartphone lockscreen. How do I monetize it? I am willing to switch it to the personal finance niche which will make me a lot more money quickly but I will switching an already established account to another niche work or will...
  13. J

    Suggestion Needed i have 5k USD want to start something were I can at least make a 500$ profit every month any ideas?

    Don't get too ambitious. Create a social media account, grow it as much as you can with quality content then monetize it. You don't have to use your face either so no worries there. After the first 3 months, you should be making good money. Maybe less than $500 or maybe more. But you won't...
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    Best way to bulk create pinterest

    I want to create about 20 Pinterest accounts but I have only one website they will be linking to. Will that be too much for one website? Will Pinterest flag my account for linking so many accounts to just one website? There are about 50 boards per account making over 1,000 boards. It's too...
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    HELP! I'm new to proxies

    You mean i should buy 10 4G proxies and add them to each account? I thought i could generate 100s of IPs from one 4G mobile proxy and use each IP for one account each. Will that still be flagged?
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    ☄️ - Private 4G/LTE, IPv4 and IPv6 proxies | From $0.36 per IP | 20+ locations ✅

    I want discount for 1 month 4G proxy USA. I want to use it for 50 Pinterest accounts. With one 4G mobile proxy, can i generate 50 IPs and attach them to each Pinterest account? I know they will rotate, i want to know if i can generate 50 unique IPs and add them to each Pinterest account with...
  17. J

    ⚠️❗Just $0.80/IP! Unlimited Data ISP Proxies | Powered by AT&T & Sprint | Zero Fraud Score | VIRGINIA USA IPs | Ultra-Responsive Speeds | 100GBPS ⚠️⚠️

    Bart Proxies Special BHW Offe I want a discount code. Are your Sprint ISP proxies same as IPv4 proxies? I plan to use them for Pinterest, IG and twitter will they work for all 3? Why is Sprint cheaper than AT&T?
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