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  1. soulchief

    $$$ Facebook Phone Verified Accounts for sale really cheap

    I'm looking for 10 accounts right now, whats the cost? Don't need profile pic, or anything other then having it verified
  2. soulchief

    Error when password expired on home page

    I was trying to login to the forum and I kept getting the following error: Warning: require_once(./includes/vba_global_error.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in [path]/includes/functions.php(2954) : eval()'d code on line 24 Fatal error...
  3. soulchief

    [TUT -] Make Money with Hotfile afiliate (PTU) Detail

    this kid has been spamming numerous forums advertising his crappy site, and his horrible english.
  4. soulchief

    What If This Was Your Kid?

    what a sick april fools joke :/ Dunno why they photoshopped the swollen eye to be insanely long.
  5. soulchief

    Hostgator affiliate!

    Take your head out of your ass. Your probably promoting the affiliate as a $0.01 host, and then when the people you refer gets their 2nd bill they run, giving you $0.
  6. soulchief

    This is my homepage. I recommend it becomes yours too.

    coming from the guy who has an avatar that looks like a dick.. >.>
  7. soulchief

    is this what ppl call love ?

    i seriously stopped reading after the 3rd line.. Speak fucking english.
  8. soulchief

    I Just Did The Dumbest Thing In History

    *checks adsense* Damn... not me.
  9. soulchief

    Don't Comment Until You Watch The Video

    nothing at 46min.. u sure u posted the right video? :)
  10. soulchief

    Network Will Not Pay Me Help!!

    I wouldnt take advice from someone who cant spell :rolleyes:
  11. soulchief

    Canadian eh?

  12. soulchief

    A Fantastic New Way To Get $30 Payements Everyday!

    why? you interested in contacting the seller?
  13. soulchief

    What do you drive? :)
  14. soulchief

    POLL: Maxbounty: Good/Bad?

    you shouldnt post if you dont care.. OP is asking if he should use them or not, how the hell would "who cares" help him? Think a bit please.
  15. soulchief

    What do you drive?

    already a thread on this, no need for another.
  16. soulchief

    Should i buy a Macbook that is broken due to water spilled for 90$?? any thoughts?

    for $90? yes.. Get it, take it to an apple store and ask what needs to be replaced... if it too much, sell the parts on ebay. Look at this...
  17. soulchief

    maxbounty must be bullshitting with me

    why does it matter if you know how you spell her name? Shes not going to ask you to spell it...
  18. soulchief

    Michael Jackson Alive?

    this video was already posted on here a week ago and was proven fake.
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