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    pint decline in traffic?

    ive noticed about 25% drop in traffic over the last 2 weeks in all my pin accounts, anyone else experienced the same?
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    This is Lovely.

    omfg lol
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    Snakes anyone?

    wow nice can post a photo of it?
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    [METHOD] Little Passive Income w/Quora

    thanls for sharing great method
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    facebook identification

    Do you guys have any working methods for facebook verification that work instead of using your own id?
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    Snakes anyone?

    Do you like snakes and do you have one as a pet, show is your snakes?
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    Here's another flex for you

    Ai will take over google i reckon
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    exchange ppal money for cash??

    is there a site sort of like paxful where you can exchange paypal money for cash in person, for a fee anyone seen anything like this?
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    Everyone will get one free Wordpress Theme or Plug-in of your choice.

    i would like the elementor pro theme as well if possible?
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    Where to find Affiliates in 2022?

    social media fb and instagram are your to go first for getting affilliates
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    How much $ would you need to stop chasing more and more?

    1 million will do me fine lol
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    CrakRevenue - We're back!

    can i sign up to this if im from the uk and whats the percentage you take off each sale i make?
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    If You had to move to another country? Where will you go?

    amsterdam as its nice and not too far
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    Google Wallet Has Taken Over Google Pay !!!

    i dont think google wallet will b be as popular as google pay
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    Instadub - Desktop Instagram Automation Bot

    Is this still working fine?
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    safest fastest way for bulk followers

    what's the safest fastest way to get bulk instagram followers within 3 months or what have you tried to get bulk followers without an issue?
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    dead space remake

    holy hell dead space remake is amazing the graphics is what i'm expecting but i am fearful for the gameplay, do you guys have high hopes in the remake?
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    alcoholic drink

    hey guys ,what's your favorite alcoholic drinks do you drink when you work online?
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