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  1. Landlerd

    Have $300 lying around, and want to make at least $10-$20 per day.

    You can buy poker bot
  2. Landlerd

    Youtube and Wolf Fat

    During my youth in a small town in the Urals, they were preparing for the mayoral elections. There was one candidate from the opposition party who refused to listen to the regional leadership, did not withdraw his candidacy, and decided to fight to the end. The opposition candidate was a big...
  3. Landlerd

    OpenAI and online poker

    Okay, sir, should I respond to his last comment? I'm damn tired of this(( I don't understand what lies he's accusing me of. And yes, using pokersoft when you play onlinepoker - its a big problem, difficult question and moral dilemma that requires discussion. Not in this format.
  4. Landlerd

    OpenAI and online poker

    If I am not using HUD right now, it does not mean that I have never used it before. I know exactly what I am talking about, and I have not misled readers in any way. Can you tell me what information I have misled readers with? Pointing out that I am a newcomer on the forum and using it as an...
  5. Landlerd

    OpenAI and online poker

    So far, you've been reading my replies carelessly, confusing HUD and solver. Then you allowed yourself to be rude and aggressive and moved to personal attacks, after which I had to bring moderators' attention to it: your last post was deleted. In fact, we are talking about the same thing: some...
  6. Landlerd

    OpenAI and online poker

    I know enough to express my opinion. And poker is not shit.
  7. Landlerd

    Card recognition on YouTube.

    Task: Watch several videos where a player demonstrates their screen and plays online poker. Are there any tools that allow recognizing their cards, opponent's cards, blind sizes, player positions, and recording this in text format? Do you have some ideas?
  8. Landlerd

    OpenAI and online poker

    Then yo`re lucky if you have no troubles with that. I play mostly GGPoker and Partypoker, there are HUD strongly restricted. And its a huge pokerrooms anyway. "
  9. Landlerd

    OpenAI and online poker

    I'll draw your attention, I told about solvers, not about HUD. You can use HUD in some rooms, but PokerGG and most poker rooms even prohibit the use of HUD (heads-up display) . And yes, I play poker pretty well and I know what I'm talking about. I have a good profit from multi-table tournaments...
  10. Landlerd

    i need help to pay in russia

    Doesnt work WebMoney - Popularity has sharply declined over the last few years, and few people are using this system.
  11. Landlerd

    i need help to pay in russia

    Yes. This is the best way now. Or you can turn to a mediator, who have russian bank accounts. I have.
  12. Landlerd

    Real-Time Assistance Poker: actually money making method or hype?

    Hi. This is called solvers. Solver software is prohibited in all major poker rooms. You will simply get banned for using it.
  13. Landlerd

    Poker Solvers & Poker GTO

    Oh, you can try it in closet virtual poker clubs. There are no control.
  14. Landlerd

    OpenAI and online poker

    There are a huge number of such applications today. You are clearly not a poker pro, bro.
  15. Landlerd

    Poker Solvers & Poker GTO

    The use of solvers is prohibited in most major poker rooms.
  16. Landlerd

    i need help to pay in russia

    Advcash goesnt work in Russia
  17. Landlerd

    How to make organic followers in twitter ?

    Of course, you can order live subscribers for yourself, they will sign up for pennies. This is a whole horde of impoverished users who will do any simple task. But they are not interested in your content and will not interact with it. This can have a negative impact on your reputation.
  18. Landlerd

    How to get more SEO clients?

    Can developing a personal brand on social media and media be worthwhile?
  19. Landlerd

    [JV] I need a partner for Poker botting (Python required)

    Hello! Its very interesting! We making one product for NL and PLO. Write me PM please.
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