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    Gmail-Youtube-Yahoo-Hotmail-MySpace-Aol @ CHEAP

    AOL Accts are in the title why aren't they being sold?
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    Manual Directory Submissions to PR0 -PR8 Directories-Quality & Fast Results

    Just used his service, not too shabby. Woke up this morning to 300 emails in my throw-away email and had to do a few confirmations. Will use again for future projects. I recommend this service :)
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    Viagra method are good in other markets?

    Well you're seeing 1% of someone's efforts here. Trust me when I say that you're not seeing 99% of all the viagra spam that could be out there if it wasn't filtered/deleted. You gotta be one hell of a stubborn son of a bitch to promote that stuff.
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    New forum (sub)section

    Also known as Media Buying.
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    ClickBank link cloaking?

    There's a CGI script that takes the hoplink off the end of the url so no ?hop= is ever displayed. Shows a redirect though... let me know if you want the script posted here, it's not mine but dled off another forum (warrior i think).
  6. S and Twitter leads

    holy crap what offers are you promoting and how are you promoting it on twitter? DM's? CJ doesn't like blanked referrers and stuff so I'd come up with a good cover story like setting up a prosper link with random keywords on a rotator. PM me and we can exchange some info.
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    Craigslist Harvester - Need Beta Testers!

    I'd say the price is the major difference... Still need a beta tester? I plan on gathering a butt load of CL emails, just wondering if you need a "stress test" hehe
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    popup/popunder window

    That's an exit traffic popup, using action alert text and a DHTML popup. You can buy these bots or do a sherlock holmes on the source code.
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    Need Craigslist Posters for Extreme JV

    Hey guys, I need some CL posters to do a JV, I'm selling something that goes for $200-$300 dollars which will be split 50/50 by me and anybody who gets hot leads out of Craigslist! Earning potential is huge and I need some people who can post like madmen! PM me for details on what I'm...
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    Best Gym Workout music?

    I listen to "Full eclipse of a Heart" with Meatloaf also "Single Ladies" by Beyonce YETHHHHH!
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    Tool to Capture Exit Traffic?

    I guess i should also say the the exit popup displays whenever anybody goes anywhere on the page but there should be a way to just activate the pop-up when the user exits the domain, not just the page.
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    Tool to Capture Exit Traffic?

    Well EPG was garbage because it wrecked any affiliate URL's that you had, always led to a 404 error. I aldo think he stuffed his affiliate links into there because the code the program generated is encoded itself. Instant pop-over is good but I guess it wasn't exactly what I was looking for...
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    Tool to Capture Exit Traffic?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a tool/script to capture exit traffic on my sites. I tried exit profit generator and it was a load of garbage. I looked on the site for one too and couldn't find one so I was wondering if anybody had a script to do the job or could recommend one to do it. Thanks.
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    Dream Traffic

    If those bots really worked, you could just use them to boost impressions on CPM ads where you get paid per 1000 views. Now THAT would be something worth while lol.
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    Proxies For Use On CL? :)
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    Supressing Slander

    Obviously my sarcasm was overlooked lol... Abetting... Doh!
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    Supressing Slander

    Doesn't this make the whole shit list forum libelous then? How about all the other scam report websites? Maybe the lawyers will hunt down the mods for aiding and embedding?
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    Supressing Slander

    Why are you worried about rebutting it? I thought it was already up there in search engine ranking... You really need to at least show the whole side of the story. If you provide a decent and reasonable argument then people will at least be less inclined to believe the complaint. Can you be...
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    Supressing Slander

    Well if you have a story to tell, tell it. If it's a forum post, sign up on the forum and debate the person. If it's a blog that allows comments, post a comment. If it's a website in itself, then make your own and copy and modify the title and meta tags. If the person has backlinks, you...
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    Awesome Deal $250 Google Adwords

    Read all posts before asking, I answered this question 2 posts above yours.
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