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    Gathering Interest for a Facebook automation tool

    I have built a Facebook automation tool. The tool allows to send friend requests, cancel them, resend again, send messages. It keeps a database of the users to which the requests was sent so it doesn't resend again. The script can target groups/people friends, etc... I'm looking to see if there...
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    So I found this keyword phrase...

    No. I don't think that ranking is that easy. I found that kind of keywords where competitors seems to be weak, but Google is too lazy in changing ranks. Anyway, go for it and learn from the experience.
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    Anyone using bitcoin

    The value of bitcoins will raise because of its deflationary concept. Also as difficulty for mining increase, the cost to produce bitcoins is higher, will drive bitcoin valuation even higher. And when Mt.Gox crashed, Bitcoin did not and kept its' $17 value.
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    Anyone using bitcoin

    Hi, I have been a member for a long time, but didn't visit (was busy doing real work) for months. I returned now to get an eye by :cool: Have any BH member heard of Bitcoin, yet? Some people made thousands and thousands of $$ mining bitcoins. I wonder if the BH community is aware of that.
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    Outsourcing - What do you pay and for what tasks? Let's set the benchmarks.

    That was what the OP looking for, to know what others pay. But your statement is wrong. Forums can be very influential and marketers need more than just back links. I had made a post in a forum advertising for a product of mine that is driving around $20 in sales a month. If this carry on in a 3...
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    How to be excellent in English ?

    English is my third language, though, I have figured out how to get better at it. Language and writing are a muscle. The more you practice, the better you get at it. It took me around 2 years to be able to write well crafted articles, but getting even better is not impossible. Find Good...
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    Need a Writer

    I'm quite sure :o
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    Please give me feedback on in-site SEO

    Thanks for your detailed answer. My competitor is using no tags, no content and ranking 4-5 for the "qrcode". It got lot of backlinks, so I think backlinks are also important (or may be there is something else?). What's a lot more to do?
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    Please give me feedback on in-site SEO

    Hi, I just launched my website and the next week I'll upload a new version. I want to know if I'm implementing the in-Site SEO the right way (so I make changes). I know little about SEO, so here's my essay link: google search...
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    $300/day Method *REVEALED*

    As for me nothing is new, build the facebook group/fan page and then you can monetize it CPA or APC
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    Problem with monetization

    bleed? What do u mean with this? Posted via Mobile Device
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    Cost of 50,000 facebook emails

    Worth nothing since it's non targeted. You don't need mass mails to get fans. Posted via Mobile Device
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    So I was thinking...

    It may works out for you, but if lot of people try the hell out, they'll start getting strit about it
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    Is CLickbank a Scam? Or Am I Just This Unlucky?

    Cb is not spam but shit Posted via Mobile Device
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    Hosting is about to make me poor

    Posted via Mobile Device
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    Hosting is about to make me poor

    Contact the hosting and not the guy! Trace your domain if you don't know it Posted via Mobile Device
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    Blogspot Better Ranking Quick

    Makes no sens for me and alexa don't bring traffic Posted via Mobile Device
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    My first attempt at helping others make money!

    wow, nice idea... 7000 unique, I think you can make $500 with that. Now repeat it as much as possible :cool:
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    Monthly Income: Record High Income

    100% bullshit real money makers will never disclose it. But you can catch them... Posted via Mobile Device
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    I dont have a home for Christmas! IM HOMELESS!

    this problem is getting bigger in my city... people are less generous today
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