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  1. Griffin

    Fiverr N press release question!

    I've bought press releases on Fiverr which were of really poor quality. I've also bought from oDesk and had people not deliver at all (ugh). My tips are to buy from US-based people and not spend more than $20 on a press release. Fiverr is okay, but talk to them beforehand and expect a 5-day lead...
  2. Griffin

    [Get] Updated Wordpress Ping List

    After using a very long ping list for a while, I got curious as to the health of the list. So, decided to combine several public lists, remove duplicates, and check whether they were still alive. The result is 66 URLs:
  3. Griffin

    Do you also feel that IM is a Very Lonely job?

    Well, obviously I disagree. There are always ways to optimize your workflow so that you have some free time. This idea that we have to work 18-hour days to be successful is bullshit.
  4. Griffin

    Do you also feel that IM is a Very Lonely job?

    Gonna break this into two sections. Relationships: When I first got really interested in IM (enough to dabble), I was in a long-term relationship. Because I was researching, reading, coding, working so much, it got to be that my partner only saw my back some days. Nowadays, I code and design...
  5. Griffin

    Top Ten Favorite Blackhatters

    Some of my faves over the years: Wiz - I always love his threads and he has shown a lot of love to new people. Harro - A few years back, I was even a member of his other forum... the name of which escapes me now :amish: LukaB - a bit new, but totally killing it in IM :D Ericsson - Friendly...
  6. Griffin

    bitly problem

    All the more reason to set up your own redirects ;-) eg
  7. Griffin

    Need!!! Freelancers to post gigs on fiverrr clone. $2 per gigs posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ah, no, but will now. :) Like The Nix, I've only added two so far.
  8. Griffin

    Need!!! Freelancers to post gigs on fiverrr clone. $2 per gigs posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted a couple of gigs -- good luck! Great to see someone who actually puts a bit of investment into their online business.
  9. Griffin

    ScrapeBox or GSA

    I like ScrapeBox's diversity. SB is great for me because I do semi-auto and not full automation. Watch ScrapeBox videos, and then maybe try out a free trial of GSA. If nothing else, it would help you decide.
  10. Griffin, anyone know anything about it?

    The up-front is crazy expensive because few will pay for a monthly fee to access the site. Apparently they're not that great. See this thread: Just saw a fiverr gig yesterday with similar information...
  11. Griffin

    Journey to $50/Day - Accountability and Hard Work

    You're doing great =) One thing I'd suggest is not to consider this "passive" income. It devalues the work that you're putting into these projects.
  12. Griffin

    I need a US cell phone with unlimited SMS plan. Help me and get rewarded.

    Most US cell plans have an upper maximum for "unlimited" plans. If you are just using it for yourself, it's no big deal to get a $50/month Net10 cell phone. But if you're sending bulk SMS, then check into Twilio and other telephony APIs. Those are usually 1c per outgoing message.
  13. Griffin

    Mass Sms Sender

    There are some free off-the-shelf scripts that use Twilio as a platform. It works out to 1c per SMS sent, and 1c to SMS received.
  14. Griffin

    Download all videos from a user

    Yeah, I know what he meant. Thing is, I'm not a youtube marketer at all. I'm just trying to distribute the videos.
  15. Griffin

    Silly dormant account policy - policy takes money out of affiliates accounts

    I've always found that policy to be stupid. On the one hand, it makes sense to cut under-performing or lapsed affiliates. On the other hand, it sucks to come back from a few-month break to find you've lost nearly a hundred dollars. It's penny wise and pound foolish, IMO.
  16. Griffin

    Download all videos from a user

    Record my own videos on the ground in Syria? Great idea! The original owner of that account died. Hence downloading their videos. English comprehension. It's a thing now.
  17. Griffin

    Is this guy the highest Fiverr seller?

    60'000 sales x $4 net = $240'000 pre-tax. Seems pretty good to me. :)
  18. Griffin

    Download all videos from a user

    Thanks, I will try that out -- that's actually quite helpful.
  19. Griffin

    Download all videos from a user

    That would actually be a problem - I really need the titles at least to be available, if not the descriptions as well. Are there any solutions other than MVB?
  20. Griffin

    Download all videos from a user

    I'm looking to export all videos from a specific user (hama4free). He's got more than 1600 videos from his neighborhood in Syria, with an open license. There are several people documenting in these areas, some have passed away, so I'd like to back up their videos. So, are there any ways to...
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