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  1. LakeForest

    [URGENT] Complaint About the Jr. VIP Ice Cream Bar

    Set up shop outside selling sprinkles. Also, this is an adult with a daughter....worried about sprinkles...I want to be that innocent again.
  2. LakeForest

    So many coins & ICO, I'm confused! I wanna buy them all!

    I don't invest in this stuff, but has anyone noticed how when news is bad, the coins go up in value? And when 401k drops in value and the market isn't so hot, the value goes up. You think it's safe to assume that coins are being used as hedges right now and the smart bet is to buy when things...
  3. LakeForest

    can anyone translate this for me

    lol a beggar being a chooser I guess every dog has its day...
  4. LakeForest

    Today Wiz Celebrates 7 Years On BHW!

    :) Happy and glad to have you here sharing your presence with us and making BHW a better place
  5. LakeForest

    Top Gear Geremy Clarkson Suspended

    Clarkson has always been an unlikeable tool
  6. LakeForest

    Do people under 18 purchase online?

    Yes people under 18 shop online
  7. LakeForest

    Why is everyone using skype?

    Waiting for a new messenger to get more popular. Skype's old. Until then I'll keep using carrier pigeon
  8. LakeForest

    Net Neutrality Success

    I'm waiting to see what's actually in the rules. I want to be happy and excited for this, but there has to be some sort of catch.
  9. LakeForest

    British People, Can You Understand Americans When They Speak?

    As a young lad I went to the only store within walking distance, so the only one I was allowed to visit, to buy a box of doughnuts. The cashier was clearly American and I happily placed the box of doughnuts on the counter with what I was sure was sufficient money on top of it, feeling proud...
  10. LakeForest

    The Pen is Mightier Than a Keyboard

    I have notepad, note cards, sticky notes on my desks. I found if I copy|paste info, then it isn't quite as retained immediately, but I haven't noticed any difference in information absorption or retention if I type or write.
  11. LakeForest

    RIP Techxan

    This is horrible. He was smart, kind, helpful, very witty and clever in personality and his work. I hope he enjoyed his time on BHW too. I can't believe he's just gone. What? Oh my gosh and 3 days before Christmas? Condolences to his family and friends.
  12. LakeForest

    My honest review of Namecheap hosting

    You shouldn't host with the same company you purchase domains from. It creates a potential conflict of interest if you were to decide to move hosts or transfer the domain. Registrars where you also host, or hosts where you also register domains have been known to lock and prevent transfers...
  13. LakeForest

    China Is Now The World's Largest Economy

    thanks for the laugh
  14. LakeForest

    Need a SEO assistant

    Tried sending you a PM, your box is full. This sounds like a JV?
  15. LakeForest

    Where does rich people hangs out on the internet?

    There are sites and forums where people get invited based on their net worth and are inaccessible otherwise to the point they aren't allowed to share the name of the sites. Also heard of certain networks only accessible by special devices. Some are like ebay for yachts and things, social...
  16. LakeForest

    Is IM making you Anti-social?

    Oh I agree, I should have stated it better. I love spending time alone too. I don't feel alone even when I am; my head feels open, not like it's my ceiling. What I meant, and poorly described, was that being alone for longer than one consents to and feeling disconnected from the "All" is what...
  17. LakeForest

    Is IM making you Anti-social?

    Stop being so weird! I'm kidding. You're just maturing. Work has been taking up a LOT of my time lately for a while now, I have barely been on BHW even, haven't been going out as much, yet when I do it's just how I remember it. Fun, refreshing, energizing, a good time, but nothing to get...
  18. LakeForest

    $299 Yesterday: Temporary Success with Amazon

    Whoever keeps reading and reading and getting overwhelmed instead of just breaking the inertia and getting to work LOOK AT THE OP. ^ THAT'S what you're missing out on. Get to work.
  19. LakeForest

    How realistic is IM full time? As a career?

    Get to work, pursue schooling if you'd like, look for work if you'd like too. No better time to start moving forward than right now. If you work as hard as you're saying you will make it, gain experience, make connections, and be in a better place. But make sure to look at backup plans...
  20. LakeForest

    Count Down Starts

    I think it's amazing and so cool what ISRO has been able to do so far and is planning. I hope NASA and ISRO work together more. India is bound to get a huge return on its investment
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