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  1. marcus7777

    How this got accepted by youtube ads ? MR Beast Scam

    I've been watching it for months, but it's not the only scam on YouTube... almost everything related to crypto or finance is a scam too. In any case, YT's security to avoid ad fraud will always be 1000 times better than Facebook/Instagram. On Facebook it is very difficult to find an ad that is...
  2. marcus7777

    Free web 2.0 Backlink List

    I used to get it for all my sites until 2020, I think the app/method is not working anymore. FB static html app + your HTML code.
  3. marcus7777

    What's everyone views on Twitter's rebranding to 'X'?

    I wonder what they will do with the domain name. A platform called X in the domain a new domain?
  4. marcus7777

    How does this guy manage to avoid copyright strike

    Sorry, I checked older soccer videos from the channel, since your video is very recent. More recent = less chance of copyright strikes.
  5. marcus7777

    How does this guy manage to avoid copyright strike

    His videos are very recent and only a few about soccer. He also uploaded it with overlays and no English voices, that makes harder to automatically detect the strike.
  6. marcus7777

    BHW Fucked my head with money making ideas...and I am still at $0.

    He had almost 8 years to calm down :)
  7. marcus7777

    how can i scrape People also ask ?

    I recently published this: You can copy and paste the code in the browser console to export PAA questions and answers.
  8. marcus7777

    How do you know which coin is going to pump big?

    There are no signals or anything like that, what there are are organized groups of people doing pump and dump. I would tell you to watch the telegram pump and dump channels, but most will leak information late or be unreliable.
  9. marcus7777

    I lost all my money (3000 dollars)

    It's probably not your fault, the trading world is full of scammers who give you wrong advice to steal your money. Even online poker is much safer, as you have less chance of being controlled by big whales. Sorry for your loss, you will recover from this!
  10. marcus7777

    JavaScript Codes to Export Data from Websites using Browser Console

    Sorry, I tried to upload a TXT file and it was not possible either, so I edited it to be a PDF. You should see it now at the end of the post:
  11. marcus7777

    JavaScript Codes to Export Data from Websites using Browser Console

    Hello friends :) Lately I've been creating a series of Javascript codes that allow us to perform operations that otherwise are usually tedious or require the installation of third-party tools. With these codes, simply using your browser's console, you should be able to export data as seen in...
  12. marcus7777


    Thank you very much guys. I will PM 3 users based on review samples & activity. If you still do not receive a PM, do not worry, if they are not active/do not reply, I will PM more people. Kind regards.
  13. marcus7777


    Then you have a lot of IM or gamer friends, most people do this, or they use it on the toilet/bed/sofa. PS: I´m using a laptop now since I´m not at home and I hate it.
  14. marcus7777


    if you attach a motor to a horse, that´s not a horse anymore
  15. marcus7777


    use a laptop if you want to be a hunchback in 20 years
  16. marcus7777


    Hi mates! I am looking for 3 betatesters for the English version of PHPSEOPRO. Requirements to receive a free license: Active users. I need feedback in exchange for the free license. If you do not have time to give me feedback, please, do not apply. At least 100 forum messages. Use Google...
  17. marcus7777

    [GET] Free Expired Domain Finder & tons of SEO tools - PHPSEO 2.0

    I just shared a new batch of licenses in the previous msg, they are still free to claim! :) FREEL2022A FREEL2022B FREEL2022C FREEL2022D FREEL2022E
  18. marcus7777

    [GET] Free Expired Domain Finder & tons of SEO tools - PHPSEO 2.0

    As some of you know, we have some health problems in my family now, so sorry for the delay. Here you can get a few more free licenses: FREEL2022A FREEL2022B FREEL2022C FREEL2022D FREEL2022E Please, tell me if you claim one of them. I also finished coding PHPSEOPRO with a lot of new features...
  19. marcus7777

    If your competitor or shi##y Fiverr / SEO Clerk guy spams unwanted links...

    Last time a competitor did negative SEO to me, he improved my rankings. Forget about it.
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