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  1. math182

    3 Million Fan Page

    Exactly what I thought... lol
  2. math182

    Offer Types for Facebook Traffic

    What's your main demographic?
  3. math182

    How many uniques / comissions you average?

    Depends on a lot of things... The niche, the offer, your ad targeting/copy/image, your landing page, the time of day. My latest campaign made 10K in revenue with 12-13K uniques.
  4. math182

    New Bidding options/ Ads won't show/ 09-15

    Anyone have noticed these? It seems like old school CPC and CPM are back. Plus, now my ads won't show, even though I am bidding way more than suggested. 0 Impressions! Just in case somebody is having the same problem here... BTW this is not a ''newbie question'' , I buy 10-30K /month of FB...
  5. math182

    Need Motivation? READ MY STORY NOW!

    Or following a sport's team all year long while gaining weight and loosing brain...and money... and time....
  6. math182

    Need Motivation? READ MY STORY NOW!

    Ok, it's been a while since I haven't posted anything yet. I have been in affiliate marketing since 2005, and tried almost every single way to get traffic, like most of us did. Craigslit,adwords,FB ads, e-mail, articles, media buying, offline marketing, etc. I made good money with it...
  7. math182

    Breaking bad season six tonight...

    Dexter is good , Breaking Bad is FUCKING GREAT.
  8. math182

    How do you guys find your niches?

    Niches born and die, they come and go. Some of them are evergreen, like dating, make money online,etc. If I could give a tip to you and all other BHW members, anything ''Pet'' related is golden. Don't forget that a lot of dog and cat owners treat them as children. Sometimes, the most...
  9. math182

    Email submits?

    Maxbounty is one of the best
  10. math182

    do you have incentive traffic?

    MMM... billion member social networks.... landing page... call to action... ??
  11. math182

    Facebook Ads Account Suggestion

    As long as you follow the rules ( if you are intelligent,work with shades of grey, on the thin line that remains OK for FB) After a month of running and creating good ads , you will probably have you account ''white listed'', wich mean that your ads get approved almost instantly. Trust me...
  12. math182


    Why don't you just register at MB?
  13. math182

    All Time High For Me and My CPA Story

    Good stuff, keep scaling up, split-test, and most importantly, don't ever let NOBODY tell you what you can't do.
  14. math182

    (help)Can anyone teach me or guide me or be a mentor to get some cash with CPA networks

    I've made 70$ profit on my first day trying CPA+ Facebook. All you have to do is to be logical. Promote offers with a twist, a unique marketing approche. Take advantage of real time events( Superbowl($$) Valentine's Day... etc). Follow those steps and you will succeed: 1. Find good...
  15. math182

    Buying traffic for CPA?

    Are you completely retarded?
  16. math182

    Looking to relearn the Jedi CPA methods...

    What is your budget?
  17. math182

    Low CTR with Facebook ads

    You've got to find split test your ad image and copy. Demographics,ages,gender, and most important, you must TARGET well. Example: 1-Find an offer related to Tennis 2-Make 20 ads, all different copy and image, while targeting 30+ Females who likes Tennis. You can add tennis player name, etc...
  18. math182

    Exact matching domain Local SEO Advice NEEDED

    Exact, of course
  19. math182

    Exact matching domain Local SEO Advice NEEDED

    I have ranked redirect in the past, it's harder but for EMD I know it can be done
  20. math182

    Exact matching domain Local SEO Advice NEEDED

    Hey, need some expertise here, I just bought a domain(.org), exact match, with 9000 monthly searches!!!.Only 650 competing websites!!! The domain is simply redirecting to CPA offer.( no need for a landing page in the niche) I really want to dominate, and I know it's possible. What's your...
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