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    Does anybody recognize this template/theme?

    I've been trying to figure out if this site is using a template, didn't have any luck searching the source so I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out. It's for a real estate photography company,
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    Question about an FB fan page

    I'm trying to get some feed back regarding a fb fan page, what would be a fair price for a 1.3 million AU fan page? I'm just looking for some feed back, thanks!
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    [BHW CHALLENGE!] How much $ can you make in 5 hrs?

    No I'm from the US. Just invested a few bucks on domains and hosting, all of the traffic was free ;)
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    [BHW CHALLENGE!] How much $ can you make in 5 hrs?

    Crappy EPC but I can't complain.
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    {REQ} Simple method for 1$ daily??

    Find an email submit offer from any cpa network, blank referrer, spam YT comments on trending videos, you might get a few leads before your comment is removed lol. If you are really desperate use some kind of GTP site like cash crate or points2shop, :P.
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    who the F*** have a peerfly account lets makes some money

    I never saw a reply that said the "OP" returned any funds, so it seems that your reading comprehension is poor. I did see a few replies stating his "girlfriend" returned the funds because more than likely this loser had to use her account because he lost his from previous scams. You were...
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    who the F*** have a peerfly account lets makes some money haha this thread was hilarious, all the people who invested $7, $10, $15 to this guy deserve getting ripped off for their stupidity. The title alone proves this is an obvious scam. I agree though, this guy should be banned.
  8. H $0.99 Domain Cyber Monday!

    scratch that, good find OP!
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    Getting Into CPA-LEAD - How Easy Is It...???

    ******* sucks, this is one of the worst CPA companies to work for. Their EPC is terrible, AMs are terrible, they wont payout once you start earning, and they sell your information. Like someone mentioned earlier it is smarter to just use a custom content locker such as content lock pro. There is...
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    It's not a bug, I'm just really thankful! :rolleyes: So am I a winner? (hopefully so seeing as I'm the only one who's responded so far. I was actually considering placing an order before I saw your post, looks like a good opportunity to test out your service. Hope you like my short story...
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    Last black Friday I woke up to the smell of strawberry, making me throw off my blanket and jump out of bed. When I thought about my dream the night before it made me giggle, because the only thing I could remember from it was my dog saying "who dat". A burning sensation caused me to quit my...
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    My Journey To $30k By The End Of January 2012

    They should ban people for bumping threads like this.... obviously the guy isn't going to update this thread because he is banking or he failed, my bet is he failed... Stop wishing him good luck and asking what the status is, this thread is dead. :pat:
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    Need Incentive CPA Network w/ Weekly payouts and Offers for content lock!

    check out They have weekly payouts and a good amount of two page email submits mainly for US, UK, AU, CA that allow content locking. They've paid me twice already, they also have some nice content locker skins.
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    Need CPA network reccomendations

    blamads all the way? 0_o
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    How much are you currently making on CPA?

    LOL my bad... It was early when I posted that
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    How much are you currently making on CPA?

    So I can get paid faster, I honestly don't trust that network and I had a feeling they were going to stop paying me eventually even though my method is legit. I decided to switch to a new network and have a much higher EPC and don't have to worry about those early payment fees.
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    How much are you currently making on CPA?

    I've made a few bucks :D (sorry about the large pix, I'm too lazy to resize them...)
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    Looking for CPA JV

    I am looking for serious JV's, we split 50-50 using a spinner. I have a powerful facebook script, you must have a good amount of US traffic or other high quality traffic such as Germany, Australia or UK. PM with your Skype and I will contact you with all the details. Update: I found a partner...
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