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    Selling fully anonymous private proxies - very fast activation - 24/7 support

    Please contact me, I need a bit of help. If possible, I would like some example IPs from your residential subnets to check scamalytics before I make a purchase decision. I'm not looking for a free trial just some example IPs to paste into scamalytics. Yes, I realize scamalytics may not be...
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    ✅ - ⚡⚡⚡Premium Data Center & Residential (Static & Rotating) Proxies | Instant Delivery | BHW Exclusive Discount | HTTP/H...

    Yes, however my paypal only bounces at your location....purchased some design software for my daughter the other day and the paypal went through....even paypal doesn't know what's going on.
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    ✅ - ⚡⚡⚡Premium Data Center & Residential (Static & Rotating) Proxies | Instant Delivery | BHW Exclusive Discount | HTTP/H...

    Their service is really good to be honest. But it's impossible to make a payment. My paypal payments keep getting canceled and funds are available to pay them through multiple sources. Makes my head blow up.
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    ✅ - ⚡⚡⚡Premium Data Center & Residential (Static & Rotating) Proxies | Instant Delivery | BHW Exclusive Discount | HTTP/H...

    I'm about to sign up for a free trial on static residential. Any BHW discount code if it works for me?
  5. A - Private IPv4 Proxies $0.10 a Month per Website | IPv6 Proxies Unlimited IPs $0.50 a Month per Port | ❌✅ $10 FREE TRIAL ✅❌

    I just tried the dedicated IPV4 surveys for mturk and other freelancing sites which are blocked here. I am a US citizen, but not in the US, and unfortunately was being blocked by some of the sites I work on. I am now able to access the sites, all sites EXCEPT prolific. It reached 20 mbps which...
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    I want to sell a crazy video to TruTv...guy shooting the place all up

    bump.....anyone have experience in selling a crazy video?
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    I want to sell a crazy video to TruTv...guy shooting the place all up

    I have a crazy video from the gas station I work in at night. This is what happened. A drunk guy with a gun came into the gas station and gave me $5 and thought he gave me $100 so he wanted his change. I told him he gave me $5 and he owes me more money for what he is trying to purchase. He went...
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    A Really Neat Trick

    yes he copied my blogs too and i redirected them to another server using names and it goes to my site instead :D
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    Learning a new language - hopefully...

    I lived in china for a few years and speak quite a bit of chinese. It is hard to learn because they use tones and one word can mean like 5 different things depending on how you say it. Rosetta Stone is good, but I found Pimsleur was better when trying to learn Chinese. Pimsleur focuses more on...
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    My blog is not indexed by google

    I have a blog that indexes and deindexes every day. It is a new blog of course. I have some older ones and thankfully I am not having the same problem of staying indexed (knock on wood).
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    feeding blogger rss... that works

    If you have hosting somewhere you can use powerblogger, it is free, but you have to play with the rss feeds using yahoo pipes if you want videos to show up or anything.
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    FTC is Cracking Down on Affiliate marketing

    What I really would like to know is how they will enforce this outside of the U.S. Just like they have "stopped" the production counterfeit items in China looooooool yeah right.
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    Blogger Auto-blog poster

    this site is very nice
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    Does google really takes down blogs for spamming?

    I had one spam blog, I mean real spam blog pulling google rss feed and it looked like crap, it took 6 months to get taken down and I think it was because of so many posts per day. A few days ago I had a real blog locked on blogger, I mean I post to it and everything myself, the only copied...
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    youtube rss feed videos problem

    Is there any way to embed videos from a youtube rss feed? It usually only shows an image of the video and it is annoying me.
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    Autobloggs need to be CHANGED.

    Oh wait, i forgot to add it should also clean your house and cook 3 meals a day for you
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    Autobloggs need to be CHANGED.

    I have an idea but I won't private message. Develop this and if it is proven to work without bugs I will buy it. It should pull keywords from google trends like hotfeed . The script will use keywords from google trends to pull full articles from different article directories or FULL rss feeds...
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    Autobloggs need to be CHANGED.

    Yes exactly, and it sounds like he copied and pasted his bio from the opening chapter of one of those sleazy ebooks your find on clickbank.
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