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    [How to] Easy way to get web design/development, SEO and software clients

    Really cool thread man, thanks for the share :-) I wanted to ask the guys that arent talented to make the websites, how you find good outsourcers to make the sites and still make a good profit, and what ROI would you aim for doing this?
  2. J

    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    wow, thats fucking amazing, are u saying thats just straight traffic from people clicking on the links?
  3. J

    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    yeh no offence but your not doing what the OP said, and it doesnt inspire anyone to click, go make a review site with top ten diets, use a wordpress theme or pay someone 20 bucks to make one.
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    Has anyone taking any course by Scott Rewick?

    Nah, he is the real deal, he wants to help people, he has made many multi mil dollar companies and I can understand they get bored, its a win win to help people and also get some more money, theres never enough money and he knows that 99.9% of his buyers wont use his info anyway, u should have...
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    Making Money With Referral Links - Methods

    Hi mate, you need to be more specific in exactly what you are asking,. What network? There are a zillion different downloads for promoting products & referral links. One suggestion is to write or outsource a ebook and then give it away with links to your referral and also useful content...
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    (method) Im seeing results quick, possibilities endless and competition no issue

    Easy way for catchy domain is use a BIZ one as they have many more good names available!
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    (method) Im seeing results quick, possibilities endless and competition no issue

    This is a cool idea, I was thinking guys, why not hit massive car parking lots, so when the mums come back to their cars after shopping, they see, FREE MUM COUPONS FOR "fill in the blanks", makeup, shoes, fuck, its endless.
  8. J

    Why are flogs still so dominant?

    I thought the FTC banned these fake flogs, yet they are popping up everywhere???? For example, the one with the old woman peeling off her skin with the new woman underneath. I also see the google money fake blogs STILL on facebook. How are they processing the orders???
  9. J

    Income Entourage

    Thats Jamie Lewis, one of the biggest hitters on click bank, I would bet it would be his lambo, he probably has a few lol. Would like to check out the product if anyone has it cheers
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    Arghhhh, please recommend me a Face Book Shop Ap!

    Jeez. so many different ones, has anyone had success with Vendio? I see some are paid monthly shops but vendio is free? Any advice appreciated, its for a jewelry shop on facebook. thanks!
  11. J

    Has anyone taking any course by Scott Rewick?

    I dont know, I thought he was pretty good in another interview a month ago about media buying. I mean, one things for sure, he has the proof that he knows what hes talking about (what other guru has made over 100 mil on the stuff that he is teaching, media buys?)
  12. J

    VenomSEO RELEASED! Captcha Solving SEO automation tool 3 DAY TRIAL RISK FREE!

    Im sure someones asked this but what is this like compared to senukex ? thanks
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    My SEO Blueprint (SENuke, AMR, BMD, Xrumer, Scrapebox)

    Is BMD bookmarking demon? Whats AMR? Do you really need BMD with the new SEnukex, doesnt nuke do what BMD would do? Nice work plan, doubt 99% of people will follow as that means work lol
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    [ask] where to selling domain and site?

    try warrior forum dot com, its huge, big sale section try digital point forums, ditto like above google "domains for sale" google "websites for sale" that should get u started. oh, there are many products about flipping sites etc. here on BHW, u will just have to search, and good threads about...
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    Commission Siphon

    the sites it creates look ordinary, scarcity tactics, they said there was only X amount left and I checked the next two days and wow, same amount of copies still left, went to the order button and it wasnt sold out. You could do better job just putting up your own blogs and putting diff headers...
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    How do you email CPA offers?

    WOW, I am so friggin amazed that people can have such nice traffic/leads and dont even know much past adsense? Crikey mate, read this forum non stop for a few days and you will find tons of ways to monetize! Try Rotating ads from different networks on your home page for starters. What about...
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    Split testing offers/banners on a wp blog?

    Hey guys Was wondering if you guys can recommend a good banner/split tester plugin for word press so, for example, if you had a scholarship blog, you could put in a few different offers from different cpa places and then see the best converters etc. ? Also wondering if anyone picked up the...
  18. J

    Redirecting offers with shorteners?

    Hey guys, if you use a url shortener to redirect a cpa offer, does the cpa company see the original page or just the shortener url as the referral? Do any of you guys use shorteners or do you use different methods for offer redirecting?
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    Is a one step or multi step best for cpa email submits.

    less steps the punter has to do, better chance of a lead
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    What are the Top SEO software(S) someone should have

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