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  1. jem001

    Need help on youtube shadowban!

    It's a youtube shorts channel when I started it but now I want it to be monetized so I'm making long form videos now. When it was doing shorts, it's getting lots of activities that led me to gain over 60k subs. But now, I can barely get views on my long videos. In a month after posting videos...
  2. jem001

    Guy predicts that USDT would hit $5

    More like 5 cents
  3. jem001

    Can google do this?

    I was doing an experiment with my adsense account where I use VPN and click on my own ads! I was doing it to test how good the VPN'S are! But then one day, they limited my account because it violated their policy! The problem is, my smart devices such as blink and Alexa also stopped working! I...
  4. jem001

    Any advice on how to run a coupons/deals site and is it still worth it in 2022?

    Ho guys, I just started a coupons website and don't know where to start. And also is it still profitable to do this year?
  5. jem001

    [Giveaway] Article Builder Articles

    Interested in online shopping! 1000 words spinned pls
  6. jem001

    What products will sell well if war breaks out?

    beer! can't go to battle sober!
  7. jem001


    Can I get this one please -
  8. jem001

    Youtubes Weird Community post algorithm

    Hello everyone, is it just me or youtube can control the algorithm on your community post? I post sexy girls picture with external link to other sites and barely got any likes but when I post sexy girls pics with a youtube link, I get thousands of likes in minutes! Like wth am I doing wrong or...
  9. jem001

    Video Generator Pro - Cloud-based Video Scraper and Video Maker - [YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Reddit]

    Can it do a voice-over on the video? Like someone explaining the videos? AI generated voice over? Any samples?
  10. jem001

    Everyone will get one free Wordpress Theme or Plug-in of your choice. the latest version please
  11. jem001

    My only fans model , your traffic

    I might be able to help! I have a youtube channel solely focused on hot girls on tiktok niche and I have millions of views of it! I can post a yputube short!
  12. jem001

    Autogenerated Content and Spamdexing Journey

    20k valid pages but 0 pages with errors? Wtf? How?
  13. jem001

    I'm so proud of myself! basically made $15 on the intranet for entire 2021

    yea still waiting in the mail for the code! lol
  14. jem001

    I'm so proud of myself! basically made $15 on the intranet for entire 2021

    I can't believe I made it! Made lots of money on blogging! Thanks google!
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