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  1. Goku San

    Hello everyone

    Hey welcome to BHW
  2. Goku San

    [WTB] AWS Credit 25k/100K Accounts - USA,UK

    Hey there BHW members, is there any seller who is selling 25K/100K credit accounts USA/UK Country I like to buy a lot of accounts, let me know if anyone has. PM me with your best price
  3. Goku San

    ||Selling Premium AWS Credit Accounts! ||✅1k credits✅5k credits ✅10k credits ✅25k credits ✅100k credits ||️✅ With 7-day Guarantee|| NOW

    I paid him 10K credit aws, but he faced some problems with the account, and refunded me my money
  4. Goku San

    ⚠Scammer Alert⚠ Got Scammed $2300 from

    @freshyshops why don’t you reply, refund my money back
  5. Goku San

    ⚠Scammer Alert⚠ Got Scammed $2300 from

    This guy is not replying to anything, even though he declined my call I do not agree with the installment Are you kidding me? Just refund my money back and stop ripping others He is still running his thread and selling accounts without delivering my accounts
  6. Goku San

    ⚠Scammer Alert⚠ Got Scammed $2300 from

    He is a pure fraud, I was searching for Two AWS 25K accounts and found he is selling them Profile Link: freshyshops( I asked him if he had stock or not he said "YES" I checked double that it was a scammer or not, I told him to text me...
  7. Goku San

    Where is the Shitlist Section?

    Hello guys, One of the JR VIP Member scammed my $2300 I want to open shit list but can not find the option can anyone help me with that?
  8. Goku San

    [IN STOCK] CLOUD ACCOUNTS - ⭐ AWS ($25K Credit & Free Tier) | ⭐ DigitalOcean | ⭐ Azure | ⭐ OVH | ⭐ Kamatera | ⭐ Hetzner

    Same situation, I paid him 2300$ now he is giving excuses, that he got scammed by someone, and telling me to wait he will refund, but no reply, no nothing.
  9. Goku San

    [IN STOCK] CLOUD ACCOUNTS - ⭐ AWS ($25K Credit & Free Tier) | ⭐ DigitalOcean | ⭐ Azure | ⭐ OVH | ⭐ Kamatera | ⭐ Hetzner

    Order Two 25K Account 7 Hours Ago Waiting for the delivery. Will tell review after OP's delivery
  10. Goku San

    ⚡$2,500+ worth of links in just $70⚡ BACKLINKS FROM ✅ Forbes, BBC, TheGuardian & Over 1M Sites [⭕25% OFF] ⭕ ALL NICHE ACCEPTED ✅ 90+ DA

    I was provided with a review copy in exchange for my assessment: The communication process was quite straightforward. I was requested to select specific links, and I received a response today. Properly executed 301 redirects have the potential to enhance a site's SEO, so I'm anticipating a...
  11. Goku San

    [Get 20% Discounts Now] ✅ Top SEO Tools Bundle ✅ Top Content Writing Tools Bundle ✅ SEMrush, Moz Pro, Jasper Ai, Grammarly, Envato Eleme...

    Sorry My mom was admitted on hospital, Thts why could not work, please contact me on skype
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