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  1. Stavro

    Warning before bumping old threads

    There are a few Xenforo add-ons that add a warning to the reply box when the thread is older than some admin-defined time limit. They normally doesn't lock the thread per-se, but they do sometimes force the person replying to check a box to acknowledge that the thread is old and that it would be...
  2. Stavro

    Let normal users be hired as freelancers

    Everyone is losing clients right now. Why should Jr. VIPs have to fight even harder for work and face even more competition?
  3. Stavro

    USA is now the world leader in having the most corona virus cases..!

    Due to the way the numbers are released by WHO/CDC, the numbers for this evening won't be available through your preferred sources for another 4-5 days. But again, the CDC itself states that "data reported by states should be considered the most up to date."...
  4. Stavro

    USA is now the world leader in having the most corona virus cases..!

    WHO gets their information directly from the CDC, and reports it the following day. According to the CDC, "Numbers close out at 4 p.m. the day before reporting." In other words, Today's CDC numbers are from Wednesday at 4PM EDT, and tomorrow's CDC report will be from today at 4PM EDT, and so...
  5. Stavro

    USA is now the world leader in having the most corona virus cases..!

    The linked WHO report is about 15 hours old at the time of this posting, and the US numbers tend to be one day behind on the WHO report. According to Johns Hopkins University, the current numbers (as of 90 minutes ago) are: 83,507 US 81,782 China 80,589 Italy
  6. Stavro

    "Festinger" is posting too many threads in Downloads section here in BHW and it's pretty annoying

    There are plenty of people who spam-bump their multiple BSTs back to back every three days, and unlike @Festinger's downloads, those copy-pasted bumps offer no value at all except for the sellers. Personally, I get around the issue by opening up each spammed-up subforum, and clicking 'mark...
  7. Stavro

    Coronavirus, LLC

    The trademark is already taken by an Ohio company called Coronavirus LLC. Even if the corporate/trade name is available in your state, you would only be able to use the name on bank/tax paperwork.
  8. Stavro

    This Forum isn't as good as you think. I outline why.

    There's more to the forums than over-marketed and under-delivered BSTs. Instead of chasing affiliate programs and buying fake accounts to promote them, look for the semi-obscure tips and start building up your own traffic and income stream.
  9. Stavro

    Content "not helpful"

    If you feel a comment is inaccurate, point out the reasons why. A semi-anonymous "'this is wrong but I won't tell you why" button doesn't help anyone, and it would be abused just as badly as the dislike/downvote option is abused on every other forum that has it. More often than not, the...
  10. Stavro

    Where is the Ceiling?

    Google wasn't the first search engine, Facebook wasn't the first social media site, Windows wasn't the first operating system, Amazon wasn't the first online storefront, Ebay wasn't the first online auction site, etc. Creating a major company does not require some revolutionary idea, just an...
  11. Stavro

    Why my Domain get Blacklisted before installing WordPress

    The server IP is blacklisted, not your domain, and it is only blacklisted for outgoing email. Given that you're apparently in niche that requires DMCA-ignored offshore hosting, your options will be limited, so I'd recommend using ZOHO or a similar service for your outgoing email. And if the...
  12. Stavro

    Post Removal

    Here's the JR. VIP which addresses that question. TL;DR, you can give general answers, but you cannot promote your own service. So for the question in the linked thread, you could point to the Marketplace itself, but not your own BST, site, or signature.
  13. Stavro

    Fiverr seller's confession on US buyers and clients

    Your pricing should be based on your ideal client's budget, not 'it's a lot of money to me'. When I have a national corporation as a client, I charge corporate rates. And when I have a local Amish bakery as a client, I'll charge local shop rates. The workload isn't much different between the...
  14. Stavro

    Fiverr seller's confession on US buyers and clients

    If you price yourself as a first-time student, your clients will view you as inexperienced and micromanage everything you do. And if you charge agency rates, your clients will give you the same freedom to act as they would an agency. In the United States, $5 is less than the hourly minimum...
  15. Stavro

    bhw under spam attack? ;)

    The forum gets a couple thousand posts a day, and the visible spam posts are rarely more than a couple dozen for a few hours each night. Personally, I think that's a great job, both on the part of the automatic filters, and on the part of the volunteer mods who clean up everything that gets...
  16. Stavro

    My Journey to Make 2 Million Dollar in Next 11 Days

    I understand what you're trying to do, but BHW is too smart for that. The forum is full of people who constantly use the method of 'I have a get rich quick scheme that I will "not" ;) share in private, and if you ask nicely I will "not" ;) send you my affiliate link to read more about it'. I'm...
  17. Stavro

    Anyone know how to contact Nerva?

    With physical access to a PC, resetting the password is trivial. Even on the latest "secure" version of Windows 10, the bypass is just a matter of booting with an installation disk and editing a few files, and there's even bootable software floating around that does the job automagically. I...
  18. Stavro

    Being able to see why people were banned

    There is at least one person who has a publicly listed reason for their ban, so there's apparently no strict rule of secrecy. Even if the stated reason is vague, knowing that reason could help others who had previous dealings with...
  19. Stavro

    USA LLC taxes

    That tax is legally owed on any income, whether it's earned through an LLC or not. And if there are tax treaties in place that reduce or eliminate the total tax burden, those treaties apply equally to LLCs and individual taxpayers. If your point about double taxation is that LLCs make it harder...
  20. Stavro

    Would there be enough interest for a Reddit sub-forum in Social Media?

    I was thinking more along the lines of Weibo, with 26 threads in five years. It's a little odd that the relatively unknown (outside China) Weibo gets a dedicated section, while Reddit gets spread out between Social Chat, Making Money, WH/BH SEO...
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