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  1. Oakley

    how can I install multiple blogs - with same settings and plugins ?

    This isn't free, but damn good.
  2. Oakley

    Scrapebox Best Practices - Enough is Enough!

    This Yukinari84 impresses the hell out of me. To many people repeatedly babble nonsense in here. When I drop in, this guy is one of a few I search for to see what he sez. Great post and thanks again
  3. Oakley

    Can i bypass clickbank seller sales page directly to checkout?

    I 'll leave the cb tos up to you, but should do what you want with the bypassing salespage question. I have used this software and did the job your asking about.
  4. Oakley

    How to check if page was indexed on Google, Yahoo, Bing

    Hi guys, it's not mine, never used it, so i can't vouch for it. But it's only 7 bucks -
  5. Oakley

    Article Writing Service - Pofecker Reviewed !! High quality articles at cheap prices

    I just have to say that these guys have treated me A+. I move a lot of articles and know what it takes to be successful in article writing and flipping and after extensive testing, countless im'ing and more than a couple phone calls I fully believe these two are professional and highly...
  6. Oakley


    I don't believe this is true. CH adds I believe, unique symbols to the html to make the article unique and yes it will pass copyscape, but the article looks and reads the same as the original. At least that's how it was the last time I used it.
  7. Oakley

    Does Content Boss Respond?

    Hi bhw, I beta tested Contentboss quite awhile ago and was totally disappointed. I canceled my subscription and have never seriousely considered it since. I am working with a mentor (Coach) I guess you could say and he uses ContentBoss daily. He uses it daily and the sample he...
  8. Oakley

    A couple of hours ago I became a dad...

    Alright, this is awesome. Congratulations to you and your family. I've got 3 boys and can't tell you the awesome life that is ahead for your family. You'll see and live first hand that there is more to life than money and selfishness. Alexandra is a classy name.
  9. Oakley

    Heading Out to Fight Terrorism

    Fuck every mother fucker on this thread that puts a negative post in here!! You fucking pussies!! This guy is going off to war, saying take care and good luck. This thread is not about right or wrong!! It's about a man going away from his family, (Right, wrong or indifferent) You fuck wads...
  10. Oakley


    I've just started using them, so as far as downtime I can't comment. What I will say is: Their user cp is different than anything I have seen, not hard to work through just a completely different set-up than lets say Hostmonster or Hostgator. They have a help section that is very good but at...
  11. Oakley

    Im going to be a grandfather in a couple hours

    Alright, another blackhatter to carry on in the future. Congrates and good health to her and mom. Let the good times begin!
  12. Oakley

    Im going to be a grandfather in a couple hours

    Praying for your unborn grandchild and all your family dizzspaceteam. I've got 3 kids and the world revolves around them. Post a pic when she arrives. :)
  13. Oakley

    NameCheap New Coupon

    It get's your domain name for $8.81
  14. Oakley

    WP Cloaker

    So, I am interested in WP cloaker, but I need to know if I am wrong in my thinking. I didn't think cloaking would help in se rankings? I mean if I get wp cloaker, can I get auto unique content (barely readable) SEO optimized as best it can be to rise in the rankings that the bots would...
  15. Oakley

    If all of your leads have no/hidden referrer...

    andyluke is talking right. Just go a step further and stick to your guns. Tell them you have had an offer blatantly stolen and that's why your applying to them. No your not reveling your methods and you just want what your owed. (And stand firm) Remember, to these guys, they don't...
  16. Oakley

    Autoblog Book - The ULTIMATE AUTOBLOGGING Guide!!

    Hey thanks for the replys and tips, much appreciated. Anyone else feel like chiming in? No doubt aspkin, thanks for the link tips in Autoblog Book.
  17. Oakley

    the best youtube autoblog technique

    Following along with what trapmuzik said, autoblogged seems to be server intensive. I have not used autoblogged but have repeatedly read where autoblogged usage puts a major load on your server. Here is what they say about it on their website...
  18. Oakley

    Autoblog Book - The ULTIMATE AUTOBLOGGING Guide!!

    Hey kingbrend, shylesson and others: Thanks for the insight on autoblogging. I need to get real opinions on content. Thanks to Autoblog Book I understand I can use scrapted content and rank higher through seo and links than the original. What I want to know: What is the most...
  19. Oakley

    Looking for a little help, a little advice

    Hey ZenooneZ, This just came in yesterday and looks like what you might be looking for: Easy read that looks to be a pretty good step by step autoblogging...
  20. Oakley

    wpomatic duplicate plugin

    I just happen to bookmark this a bit ago, maybe the info your looking for?
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