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  1. GuardReview

    [BIG CASH] Make Money with PPC and Clickbank - Tutorial

    May I know where do you outsource your articles?
  2. GuardReview

    I have Trackingdesk, what do I do now?

    I have bought a lifetime access to trackingdesk but I really don't have an idea if and when I will be going to use it. I am now focusing on building niche authority sites and focus on SEO. I don't do CPA anymore but I do some years ago. Question: Is CPA promotions still ok these days? I just...
  3. GuardReview

    (METHOD) Simple $10-100 Per Day!

    Interesting! :) I just wanna advice that you prefer to use other fb account of yours and not your main fb account, just in case ;)
  4. GuardReview

    Is it a waste of time finding the perfect niche?

    Of course, niche research is really important. Just make it sure that one of your prime considerations in choosing a niche is that you like it and you find it interested so that you can continue no matter what happen until you get successful.
  5. GuardReview

    Dropshipping Journey to xxx$/day

    good luck mate and with that attitude, there is no doubt you will be successful with your dropshiping business - just keep the faith
  6. GuardReview

    What video editing software are you using?

    I am now using filmora but I still have camtasia with me. What you can do is to install camtasia from its main download page, turn of your wife and enter any camtacia license number that you may get in youtube. and use camtasia offline from then on.
  7. GuardReview

    Need Advice For PBN Network ?

    Relevance really matters a lot. You can optimize your pbn site after you launch it so its tf will grow but no the relevance of the niche.
  8. GuardReview

    Rank YouTube Videos?

    The live streaming with wirecast was and is really still effective but it not holds true to all of the keywords out there. You still need to exert some efforts to optimize your live streaming videos especially if involves high competition keywords.
  9. GuardReview

    [METHOD] YouTube Slideshows with Amazon products

    I agree with you mate. If it is not working for you, don't think that it applies to all because others are making money out of any strategy set in place. You just got to find what fits for you and capitalize on it. If this method is not working for you, try to find another method.
  10. GuardReview

    Alternative for springbot integration to instagram

    Anyone knows a good alternative for springbot integration which makes instagram into an ecommerce platform? Springbot is really good but very expensive - anyone knows who functions similarly well that is cheap? I am only concern to making my instagram becomes shoppable.
  11. GuardReview

    Best Tool(s) you use for LinkedIn?

    Thank you, I will check it
  12. GuardReview

    Best Tool(s) you use for LinkedIn?

    Guys, I am now planning to add LinkedIn to my social media marketing. Can you guys recommend me the best list of tools you or your friends are using with LinkedIn?
  13. GuardReview

    YouTube: Reply and Upvotes to my comments

    Thank you LatteGrande, I will check that one as well.
  14. GuardReview

    YouTube: Reply and Upvotes to my comments

    Thank you so much socialmediapro! :) I will check it. Hopefully it will do what I really wanted because I have several projects going on and if this tool can free up my time, that will be great!
  15. GuardReview

    YouTube: Reply and Upvotes to my comments

    Hi guys, May I know what is your smart strategy to effectively reply and upvote to your particular comment on certain videos in youtube? I said smart because I have done using HMA proxy to each youtube account and it took me several hours to go from one account to another to reply and upvote...
  16. GuardReview

    Looking for a steady income?Niche sites could be a great way for a constant inflow of cash!Read on..

    hi OP, please pm me samples of Normal and Elite. One thing, can I choose the niche I want or site niche you provide in your package are random? Also, I will be linking it to google adsense, will it be safe and get some potential of approval? Is their current discount as well? :)
  17. GuardReview

    I promise I will never let you down BHW

    nice intro! Welcome Mate!
  18. GuardReview

    back2form - Master List of Guest blogs for Free! - This thread is now closed.

    Hi back2form, Thank you so much for sharing this very valuable list of quality to do guest post to sites. Please give my the master list, I will use it to outreach and do guest post for my client sites. Thanks and more power! Regards, GuardReview
  19. GuardReview

    GOLD RUSH WEBSITES - Start Banking with Amazon!

    Hi, want sample for $397 and $547 Thank you
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