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  1. dee_emm_tee

    Yashar - Guru mastermind, or bullshit artist?

    Those of you who frequent some of the PBN/SEO related Facebook groups will most likely recognize this name. Yashar is a 16 year old SEO Guru who "specializes in explosive organic search traffic". Yashar has gained a pretty sizeae name for himself, and was even featured on the blogs of a couple...
  2. dee_emm_tee

    Lover's Blog Posting Service - Up To 750 Posts - Starting at $15

    Send samples and coupon please:-)
  3. dee_emm_tee

    [Best for New Brand] 100% Manual Editorial Links Outreach █ DA90+ TF70+ Sites █ Strong Backlinks

    Is it possible to PM me a list of health related sites? Thanks
  4. dee_emm_tee

    Google Algorithm - Where to find?

    It's in a secret hidden room deep underground together with the PayPal monkey generator and sustainable capitalism
  5. dee_emm_tee

    [GET] .htaccess code to block backlink crawlers

    Yes, it sucks. Afaik there's not way around it aside from knowing the IP's of the bots you want to block. Neither whitelisting nor blacklisting crawlers is bulletproof, but in my opinion whitelisting is more effective.
  6. dee_emm_tee

    [GET] .htaccess code to block backlink crawlers

    This configuration will block all traffic, EXCEPT traffic that is using one of the user agents designated as "good_agents". Non-bot traffic will still be blocked if it's user agent is not specified in the whitelist. As per The Data Scientist's suggestion I have updated the whitelist to include...
  7. dee_emm_tee

    [GET] .htaccess code to block backlink crawlers

    Good point - I added IE to the whitelist
  8. dee_emm_tee

    [GET] .htaccess code to block backlink crawlers

    When blocking crawlers from PBNs most people blacklist specific crawlers in the .htaccess file. This is a perfectly valid way of blocking unwanted crawlers from your sites, but it can leave you vulnerable. Here’s why: There are many small, lesser known backlink tools out there, and unless you...
  9. dee_emm_tee

    How to hide only SOME of the backlinks?

    You have PBN sites, the purpose of these sites is to place links to your money site to increase their ranking. You want to stop your competitors from finding these sites, because they might report them to Google. In order to do this, it is necessary to stop backlink tools (Majestic, Ahrefs...
  10. dee_emm_tee

    How to hide only SOME of the backlinks?

    You block the crawlers on the level of the individual PBN sites, not from your money site. If you want your competitors to be able to find your weaker PBN sites (although I'm not sure why you would want that), then simply don't block crawlers from accessing those sites.
  11. dee_emm_tee

    Best way to check if a domain is penalized?

    Place a link out to a site ranking on page 2-3 for a keyword and see how it effects it's rankings.
  12. dee_emm_tee

    Domainlord - Blazing Fast Expired Domains And Web 2.0 Finder @ $67 For Limited Time

    I'm not eligible for a review discount, but I would love a trial if possible
  13. dee_emm_tee | Relodable Virtual Credit Cards (VCC), Virtual Bank Accounts (VBA), AWS, and more!

    There was a bit of a delay because of the holidays, but my order had been completed. They were very helpful helping me load up my card, and I have just successfully verified a Paypal account with it!
  14. dee_emm_tee

    Looking to buy Aged Instagram Accounts

    I PM'd ya
  15. dee_emm_tee

    That's it Boys, IM is Finally Dead. This Was The Final Nail in The Coffin.

    This thread proves one thing: IM's don't get sarcasm.
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