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    300£ a day

    Well if we assume for a second that you already know how to do this, or you have the perseverance to learn you could set it up where you live, have a journey, chronicle what happens, and then make your real money by training unmotivated and unimaginative people in 1st world countries. You give...
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    How do I find user-deleted photos?

    Queue+ seems to work fine with deleted posts, but that only works if you queue all their posts before the blog is deleted. You see an error message about the post being deleted or the URL changed, and it just shows the error message so you can't preview the post, but when it comes time the...
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    FollowLiker BHW username?

    They have a topic in the marketplace: So it's likely: Weblues
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    How to see what blogs a TUMBLR blog is following?

    They need to turn it on in their settings. If they made who they follow private, then you cant see them; same thing goes for likes.
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    Tumblr bot with online panel and Social Networks

    it should be pretty easy to automate things in this case. If you have a website with an RSS feed you can set up an recipe to post to your blog when you update your website. Upload a bunch of pictures of your product to picloadr, set up the tags, caption, and schedule. If you need...
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    Has anyone used QueuePlus?

    yeah, sometimes if it is still counting up the number of posts I can try again and it will work, but past 200-300 posts it keeps locking up completely. It's a little bit random, sometimes the lock out happens at 350, sometimes 200, sometimes 100, and one time since this started I managed to get...
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    Got Tumblr BAN? Read this!

    So, in that situation what would support's response be to you when you ask them about the ban? "There's too many pussys on tumblr, and unfortunately your pussy didn't make the cut." Naturally most of us are doing something else wrong like getting caught automating, or spamming, so I guess what...
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    how to easily locate all your tumblr post according to the number of notes

    Archive poster? It's a free chrome extension, that's a part of Queue+. Archive poster allows you to view your dashboard as an archive and adds more options when viewing blog archives. I'm pretty sure archive poster can be used without Q+ and all the options are there it just doesn't have the...
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    19 year old dropout

    Why not just go to college and take courses in something that would help you in your IM business plans? Maybe get to know some people in your class and ask them about stuff to steal their method, or work together on something. This way you can make connections, make money online, and make your...
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    Teespring Amazon Integration - Zero Cost Startup Guide

    I kind of feel bad now... I emailed them a few days ago and they added the globe. I had made one shitty Trump quote shirt just to see if I had the globe. After they added the globe I made another shitty Trump shirt and submitted it to be on Amazon. I imagine it was people like me submitting...
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    Teespring Amazon Integration - Zero Cost Startup Guide

    Quick! Everyone jump on the new method! Getting paid to buy Teespring shirts from people so they can get Amazon Integration. :p
  12. L Private Proxies That Work For You - Instant & Guaranteed - Test Now

    Please add 20% bonus proxies: Invoice 147684
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    Tumblr forces me to sign up through yahoo

    Except.... that was years ago, this only started happening recently. November it started, then around late December early January they rolled it back and you could make accounts the old way again... and then some time in February it started requiring the extra layer of registration again. You...
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    Tumblr forces me to sign up through yahoo

    For a while there it did stop, or you could register normally through the app but on computer it'd require Yahoo, but now it requires Yahoo no matter what.
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    How to Make $20-30 a day?

    Yeah, and when I replied the "how" was "hot", so at the current rate of changes this time tomorrow maybe this post actually will be a method. "How to confuse people and be spoon fed by MSBZ" :p
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    How to Make $20-30 a day?

    At least there's a question mark and he added extra "clueless newb" points by misspelling "how"... ya see topics all the time that are much worse like Title: "The ultimate instagram money making guide!!!" Body: "does ne1 have 1?" On Topic: Maybe try making more porn blogs, and expand into...
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    [METHOD] Make $2.50 a day with your smartphone!

    yeah android only. I gotta agree here, I mean making something from some device you never use anymore or buying a bunch of cheap phones and making a profit in a month... it all sounds nice but for most people a number of things can happen and screw up the method: 1: they forget to switch the...
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    Top 10 Social Networking Sites

    I wonder if he was ranking them by order of popularity or effectiveness.... from what I've seen I think most would rate instagram higher for one thing.
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    Has anyone used QueuePlus?

    Sooo everyone else getting "please wait 30 seconds and try again" every time they try and queue in the upper hundreds? I managed to queue 350 once, but otherwise anything above 50 or so just shows this message over and over again. It's been happening for a few days.
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