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    Anyone else not get their COPEAC payment the other day?

    I actually came here looking to see if anyone besides me was having trouble. Lots of emails back and forth, a few phone calls, and we still haven't gotten it straightened out. :(
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    How these people getting thousands of views to any videos they want

    It's true that the YT view count will freeze around 300 for a day or two, but after that it starts recording views again. I don't think it has anything to do with the views being "suspicious," it just happens when any new video gets a lot of views quickly.
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    My site disappeared after doing some blog commenting!

    My opinion (and YMMV) is that even getting a big set of backlinks in one day isn't really a problem. It might just mean that you posted somthing particularly interesting and lots of folks are reading and linking to it.
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    My site disappeared after doing some blog commenting!

    Don't panic! :) If it's a fairly new site, google is still figuring out what to do with it. I have had sites appear to be de-indexed for a few days, but they always come back soon. It most likely had nothing to do with the backlinks you built.
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    sharing my experience using bmd for a month

    Yeah, I've had BMD for quite awhile now, and it's definitely lost a lot of its effectiveness.
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    Are proxies tax deductible?

    I'm not a tax professional (however I AM married to one, lol!). Wouldn't the cost of proxies be just like any other business expense? I don't pay for them personally, but if I did, I'm pretty sure I would deduct their cost from my income.
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    Youtube Blocking Views?

    Rookie: Not sure exactly what you mean without more info, but Youtube freezes the view count for videos somewhere in the 300's for a day or two. After that period of time, the view count will then continue to increase normally. Is that what you are seeing?
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    How much more productive are you with two monitors?

    I love working with two monitors. It freaks my friends out when they stop by, watching me drag windows from one to the other, but for me it's way more efficient than flipping back and forth from one program to another. One way I make use of this is writing articles. I have Word open on my main...
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    Does .info rank in Google?

    How long has it been? I have a lot of .info domains, and I've been ranking them without much difficulty. You may just need to give it a bit more time.
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    buying YT Views

    I understand that you are worried. How about this... use the contact form on the site and give me the URL of a video you want to promote. I'll give you free views for an entire week, and you can decide for yourself if it's a scam or not. I'm sure you will be plesantly surprised. :)
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    buying YT Views

    To the OP - I got your msg but I can't respond. I just added my website to the contact info in my user profile. Check it out and I will give you 2 for 1 pricing on any packages you want to purchase.
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    buying YT Views

    I just launched a Youtube views service this week. My post count isn't high enough to post the link, so let me know if you are interested, and I can set you up with a special deal.
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    So I get $1,000 bucks for some YouTube SEO

    I just launched a Youtube views service. My post count isn't high enough to post the link, so let me know if you are interested, and I can set you up with a special deal.
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    Anyone else get less commissions on weekends?

    Personally, I get more, but like the others said, it depends on the niche.
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    Free to Try Get up to 500 views/day to any Video Dominate any Niche on Youtube

    Could you please send me signup info? Thanks!
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