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    My hobby *Very extreme*

    You ever fall and break some bones or anything?
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    Taking 50 BHW members to Vegas in October

    I'd go to a BH meet in Vegas whether its with Mugshot or something that someone else organizes. Its only a 20 minute drive to the strip for me so I wont need to be mooching a plane ticket or a hotel room.
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    Hmmmm . . . My BF Has Blocked Me From Seeing Certain FB Updates.. Help?

    Tell him he cant put it in your butt anymore if he doesnt stop playing facebook games. That will fix the problem.
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    The Best Spinner has been Changed

    They refunded my money, and then invited me to try again. So I did. This time it worked fine. I dont know why they couldnt fix it the first time, but now I know to just expect a few days wait when I submit a trouble ticket. Hopefully I wont have any more trouble though.
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    For all those who spam my blog comments.

    damn multipost
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    For all those who spam my blog comments.

    edit: wtf is up, I post once and BHW posts 3 times for me
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    For all those who spam my blog comments.

    h e h e , s o m e s p a m m e r s h e r e d o n ' t k n o w t h e p o w e r o f r e g e x p o n t o p o f a n S Q L q u e r y - w h o s a i d m a n u a l l y ?
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    The Best Spinner has been Changed

    I had the exact same problem on the 26th. They answered my first trouble ticket and gave me a download link and told me to get my password from inside of the software. So I download it, start it, click "lost password" and it tells me to enter my paypal address, so I do that. then it tells me...
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    Best way to check yahoo accounts?

    I did the google search and I have hundreds of my own private proxies. Still dont have an automated way of doing this though.
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    Best way to check yahoo accounts?

    Anybody here know the best way to check a list of thousands of yahoo accounts and save the ones that arent banned? Is there a tool that does this or can someone suggest an automated process?
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    is this the hottest girl under age of 20?

    I need pics of her boobies to make an accurate decision.
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    Should I disown my family?

    I havent talked to my adopted mother in over 9 years for this same kind of crap. When I left my FAA job and started working on the internet in 1997 because of an article I read in a magazine, everybody called me crazy. Even stupid. Laughed at me for leaving a 'good' job to work at home on my...
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    Creating custom FB fanpages using Wordpress

    I've checked it out and i like it, only thing stopping me from using it is that I'm not willing to replace my customized Thesis theme on my blog with it.
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    I've 200 Blogs Ready to put online all Completed but i need some advices for monetization

    Add a facebook fanpage and a youtube channel for each blog. Join facebook groups. Easy as punching babies.
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    LogMeIn issues

    Its not free but its not $750 upfront either. You got teamviewer installed on 3 machines and I couldnt get mine working right on my third machine (mac mini) and I need something that works correctly, period. Guess I'll go look for a different solution.
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    LogMeIn issues

    Looks like TeamViewer doesnt give me enough options without buying a commercial license. Need to install it on several servers.
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    LogMeIn issues

    Anybody have this problem with LogMeIn? When I use it to log in to my Win2k3 server, it doesnt show me the correct account. I use the same login as I use with Remote Desktop. With LogMeIn, I cant see what is running on my machine, none of the apps that I need to work with or anything. Its...
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    Convert your Facebook Account into a Fan Page

    Hmm... interesting to say the least. I will have to check this out.
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    roadblock accounts need help

    You mean there is a way around that? I've been throwing accounts away :(
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