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  1. housemusic - $3/500 words. FREE REVIEW COPIES IF YOU'RE A HUMAN.

    Same situation, ordered article a couple of week ago and no update. ticket submitted
  2. housemusic

    Could this be the girl for me?

    Brother you are doing extreeeemly wrong...and you probably don't have good bros to give you advice, so here you go! 3 advices: - Girls is a very wild and weird specie, you can't trust no woman but your mom. - You should never create expectation or demonstrate feelings and you must play cool...
  3. housemusic

    Hello, I joined 4 years, 7 months, and 23 days ago.

    my pimp in the last 4 year hahahahah
  4. housemusic

    Are you still playing tier 1 tier 2 like kids ? Read this

    What a nice thread Jamevick I have been off SEO for a while and this information not only make sense but seems to be top notch. Could you give me some insight? I have this video campaign, over 20 videos, generates around $150-$200 a month, so that would be the max. I would invest monthly on it...
  5. housemusic - $3/500 words. FREE REVIEW COPIES IF YOU'RE A HUMAN.

    Im looking for writers. Review would be nice. Thanks
  6. housemusic

    starting Adult Amateur Porn Site..Need some advice

    i can help you auditioning (7 years of amateur experience)
  7. housemusic

    Watch Me Beat Penguin AND I'll Give you $100

    pay me some beers
  8. housemusic

    Webcam model recruiters -

  9. housemusic

    Switching VPNs YouTube Bans?

    unfortunately all those cheap options such HMA are heavily used to create a lot of yt accs...the best option i know is a dsl connection/reboot modem or a dialup connection....
  10. housemusic

    Leaving apartment with girlfriend - should I take the bed?

    give her an airmatress...
  11. housemusic

    How many videos per youtube account is good amount before ban?

    its all about checking out how fast does your videos get deleted naturally and how much you make each one to finding the best formula for you
  12. housemusic

    what was the name of this book?

    harry potter
  13. housemusic

    Scrapebox , Backlink Checker Down Because of YSE closure?

    i think they should change it to alexa and other engines
  14. housemusic

    Best fast ip changing internet provider?

    youtube has probably mapped all hidemyass vps already
  15. housemusic

    Best fast ip changing internet provider?

    they dont have verizon here, only at&t. maybe at&t and time warner are the only ones...i could use dial up but i need to transfer larger files. i might try following this tutorial and this...
  16. housemusic

    Best fast ip changing internet provider?

    i might try verizon dsl! awesome thanks
  17. housemusic

    Best fast ip changing internet provider?

    hello i just moved and im actually using time warner cable but it the ip address doesnt change even when leaving it off for hours. do anyone know internet provider which changes the ip just by rebooting the modem? have a great a week:cool:
  18. housemusic

    What's the easiest way to get content for lots of AMR blasts?

    in my opinion article directories fail in accepting junk
  19. housemusic

    Youtube Acc Terminated - Staying under the Radar? Tips? Avoiding being flagged?

    thanks for sharing the problem is that i need to log in and upload the videos, not sure if they do track this but this may be a huge footprint to log into all accounts using the same ip. by now i just see two option: -private proxies for each account, spreading the videos. -dynamic ip...
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