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  1. lykathe

    Some intricate-ish questions about updating old content for SEO purposed

    Hey there, I have a 7 year old website right now. Theres about 150 articles on it ranging back through the years. My question(s) are as follows: I want to update the content, as it's not properly SEO optimized (some don't have proper keyword focus, not enough images, internal links, ETC)...
  2. lykathe

    Advice for brand new account that was stellar, but could be shadowbanned?

    word thanks for the input. i don't think it's the recommendations, as my stuff is getting no reach now, it's not even being shown at all. only thing i can think of is 20 people came from a external source and 100% liked it, with no relevant watch history, so i'm 'shadowbanned'. gonna give it...
  3. lykathe

    Advice for brand new account that was stellar, but could be shadowbanned?

    I started a YT channel yesterday morning. I posted 3 vids in the space of 10 hours~, each got roughly 2.5k views. I then posted a 4th video, and it got slightly less views and a bad like/dislike ratio, so I put 20 likes to it. My entire channel has been frozen since then, TINY(like 10 views)...
  4. lykathe

    Should I update old content or create a part 2?

    Great idea on the year thing, no way I wanna keep updating these year over year, and was a bad decision to begin with lol. I have roughly 100 pages to update, maybe a bit less. It's all marketing/social tips from 2012-2020, most of the advice holds up but definitely needs some polish. Do you...
  5. lykathe

    Should I update old content or create a part 2?

    Thanks so much! Good to see you around, I think I remember you from back in the day. Do you think if I update the post I should change the date, and repost it on social platforms as a new article, etc?? Most of my content is still relevant but just needs slight updates for the times, I have...
  6. lykathe

    Should I update old content or create a part 2?

    I have a old website/blog(10 years), with some very old content on it, should I update the content, or make a part 2? I have stuff like "How to optimize your site for SEO in 2019", and it's in the permalinks aswell. Should I update the posts, and titles and permalinks, or create a part...
  7. lykathe

    Why is watermark in middle of video?

    Absolutely, but as you can see my watermarks are all in the middle of the video, all over videos I see have them in the corners, why is this??
  8. lykathe

    Why is watermark in middle of video?

    Anyone have experience with this? My videos are sized properly for the platform. It puts the watermark in the direct middle of my videos, on all videos, about 20. I've attached a screenshot. Is there a way to place the watermark? I'm uploading from browser. Would appreciate input.
  9. lykathe

    How many videos are you guys posting in a day??

    Just wondering, have a decent account that's going small level viral, want to go harder but unsure if I'll be penalized for posting too many a day. Right now only doing 3 a day, thoughts??
  10. lykathe

    Are browser uploads valid at all?

    Would love to know people's experience.
  11. lykathe

    Twitter selenium python automation, bot gets suspended after second tweet.

    yeah i've had this happen aswell, with tools I've wrote in vanilla JS that run in chrome in the console, I get temporarily suspended just liking tweets randomly, no clue how they would be able to tell. Maybe use pyautogui to actually control the computer, I don't think that's detectable but you...
  12. lykathe

    Looking for LinkedIn likes ala Addmefast or paid.

    Looking for high volume of LI likes, can't really find them too many places, would love to know what you guys peruse if so. Thanks much
  13. lykathe - HQ SMM Reseller Panel. Prices starting from $0.005. Cheap likes, followers, views etc.

    Heya man looking to try out LinkedIn on this platform, would love the free credits I'm definitely back in for more if they're good. Registered as lykathea Thanks much.
  14. lykathe

    [METHOD] The Ultimate Shopify Guide to Making $100/Day!

    Ayy I was watching this heavy back in the day, never took action as I'm doing a lot of other things but this is always on my mind, would love to see a rehash
  15. lykathe

    Anyone run into big problems w AMF and IPs lately?

    Seems like they stepped up Cloudflare a lot and are detecting all my VPN ips, anyone else run into this??
  16. lykathe

    ✅Complete Guide to Make Profit from a VPS in 2020/21 ❗❗

    thread necromancy but, does anyone have solution to AMF changing their protection to include extreme cloudflare as of the last week-2? They are recognizing every VPN I use and not allowing me in. Anyone else running into this?
  17. lykathe

    Do you use AAs directly to money site?

    heya there, trying to get back into SEO after a near decade hiatus in consulting. I don't know whether I should push AA blog links to my money site itself or if it's dangerous, the money site is huge (2k+ pages), and ranks decently with just Twitter as backlinks (and backlinks to the tweets)...
  18. lykathe

    'Accidentally' competing in a niche w simple autoblog, how to expand?

    Appreciated guys, it's just a random autoblog that posts Youtube vids, I'm ranking #1-5 for quite a few longtails, pretty cool. Will work on fortifying this more lol, I've added a Twitter that tweets each post, and I've put 5 retweets to about 100 of the tweets. Also working on a pretty large...
  19. lykathe

    'Accidentally' competing in a niche w simple autoblog, how to expand?

    Hey guys, I haven't followed SEO in nearly a decade when it comes to large stuff and individual pages, mostly links and such. I created a autoblog about 6 months ago that posts YT vids, I forgot about it for months and I look to see it's competing with authorities in multiple spots, solely from...
  20. lykathe

    Want to learn how to make "bulletproof" IG accounts, can trade hours of teaching Python, C#, PHP, Javascript, etc etc.

    Hey I'm a bit of a oldhead here lol been doing mostly freelance design and programming since my absence. Looking to get back into social media/IG, I have some decent accounts, which is cool but I'm looking to do a mother/child structure on a large scale, I need to know how to make IG accounts...
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