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  1. Motherdex

    Amazon has banned my account, what is the problem ?

    His ability to be an affiliate for the US Amazon site was revoked. He can change the issue and reapply to get the access back.
  2. Motherdex

    What Are Your Blogging Mistakes?

    Improperly defining the niche, too broad of a niche, too many unrelated topics (<--- blogger loves raising show chickens, cat memes and antique horns and thinks everyone wants to read about all that stuff together which by the way they don't) Crappy design which turns readers off more than...
  3. Motherdex

    Why I Am Here?

    Welcome! I love how your toilet is the place you call out as a potential workplace.. many people say Hawaii or Costa Rica but you went local... :)
  4. Motherdex

    If I hire a content writer, will they steal my idea?

    Writers are typically good at writing and want to do that. The idea of building websites and dealing with SEO and social media advertising isn't overly attractive.
  5. Motherdex

    BHW user stealing ad copy

    I think you basically said it yourself.. you get what you put in. In the long run, he also will get what he put into it... which is not much.
  6. Motherdex

    Journey to create passive income while in school

    Coloring is better for me now.. I am using white theme too. I agree that the popularity of dropshipping is skyrocketing. Besides all the usual chatter about it, Shopify themselves are pushing it big time by collaborating with the likes of Tecademics. I look at it in a few different ways -...
  7. Motherdex

    Someone bought my domain name and is hosting MY website - HELP!

    Is the name of the company (which has been protected via Trademark etc..) in the title of the domain?
  8. Motherdex

    Amazon commision % question

    It resets each month and it is a tier system so your first 6 items will be at 4% then your next 24 items will be at 6% and so on ... hopefully that makes sense.
  9. Motherdex

    Could my Hoster steal my Website?

    Just a note for those following along. If you registered your domain less than 60 days ago you have to wait 60 days to transfer to a new registrar. You can point it to a new host in the meantime but transferring is a different story.
  10. Motherdex

    My first youtube journey

    Sounds like you are making progress! Make sure to focus on your title structure, keyword placement and eye-catching thumbnails!
  11. Motherdex

    Amazon Associates on Facebook?

    Yes I have had some success but I am in dealing in groups - some I own and some I just participate in. The products that I post are super targeted to the discussion and I am very careful about when I choose to use it so I am not spamming groups. Nevertheless, when I do choose to leave a link...
  12. Motherdex

    Drop in motivation levels

    Take a break, try to find inspiration around you, look at some sites that you consider to be competitive and if all else fails - hire someone else to do it
  13. Motherdex

    i'm in a big trouble i cant pay for my surgery

    Sorry to hear about your predicament but I agree with the previous poster.. can you fundraise within your community? Alternatively, do you have any skills or talents that you can employ online to help you earn some money?
  14. Motherdex

    How to Implement Affiliate Programm for customers on wix?

    Just to be clear you are looking to build an affiliate program so that people can get rewards for promoting whatever you are selling. Are you looking to allow them to develop affiliate links to specific product or services that they can then advertise? Or are you looking for general referrals...
  15. Motherdex

    First shopify project

    With 24 unique visitors I would say it is a bit early to expect a sale. You need to drive a bunch more traffic to the site and then analyze the behavior to see if people are abandoning carts or not spending much time on the site.
  16. Motherdex

    {Journey} Tee shirts business - Goal 100 Sales per day

    I also would like to know the answer to this... also are you doing a niche (I am not asking for your actual niche) in terms of the subject matter or will you have all sorts of different things?
  17. Motherdex

    Commission Junction - How to Save My account from deactivation ?

    After you posted this I went and checked my account since it has been forever since I used it and mine was deactivated due to dormancy. All I had to do to reactivate was accept T&Cs and check two other boxes and now I am back up and running for 6 months. I wouldn't worry about it too much...
  18. Motherdex

    Startup with a good tool - Amazon Analytics

    There are a couple of youtube channels that highly recommend Jungle Scout and they have a good following - Wholesale Ted comes to mind and maybe Rules for Rebels ( not sure on RFR but I know he uses a similar tool) -- so I would see if I could work a few of those youtubers to see if they would...
  19. Motherdex

    What to know and expect

    And.. sorry last one... make sure that the niche you chose is something you can see yourself dealing in for awhile... you don't have to love it but at least tolerate it and be interested enough to learn more about it as it grows and evolves. If it bores you to tears you may not be motivated to...
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