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    Site structure

    I have a question. I sell online courses. On my website, I have a course, course b, and course c for beginners and course c for advanced students. How do I structure it so that the courses c don't duplicate each other?
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    Page number in h1

    Does it help for SEO?
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    Page number in h1

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    Page number in h1

    Is it worth to add page number to h1 on pages with pagination to avoid h1 duplication?
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    Bing keyword positions tool

    Hi. Is there any tool to check bing positions for my website? Similar to ahrefs or semrush
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    GMB profile suspension.

    Using a form. I send my office invoice with all my business data.
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    GMB profile suspension.

    Hi. My GMB profile was suspended one month ago. I've sent the request to google but still there is no answer. Is there any black hat method to restore my account?
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    Ahrefs/Semrush website traffic

    Is it possible to remove images traffic in ahrefs or Semrush?
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    Share a Seo Tip [Only Pro Tips]

    Could You give an example? I can not imagine how to do this for e-commerce. It could work on pages like Wikipedia.
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    Is html structure important for SEO

    I've read the article on Moz's blog, "Are H1 Tags Necessary for Ranking? [SEO Experiment]" Those are pretty high authority sites. And what about h3-h6? Is it necessary to add keywords to h3-h6? And last question. What do you think about HTML structure? Do you place h1 on the top of the page...
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    Is html structure important for SEO

    Hi. There are opinions that html tags don't affect on SEO. In my opinion for better SEO result it worth to make good html structure and have one H1 with keyword. But should I worry about H2 duplication or it's doesn't matter? And should I add keyword to H2? I've seen many websites with high...
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    How to check mass URLs indexed or not with Semrush ?

    Use spamzilla ( not free) or find index checker code on GitHub.
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    Google sites / or Blogfreely

    They use backlinks to index faster, as you can see on the screenshot. I added three articles to telegraph, then sent index requests thru Omega indexer, and google indexed those three articles in 2 days. One week ago, I added seven more articles and, to date, indexed only 1 article. Omega indexer...
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    My favorite SEO Chrome Extensions

    Those are my favorite SEO extensions: SEO Meta in 1 Click Ahrefs SEO toolbar (only with ahrefs sub) GMB Everywhere Seo pro extension (good for schema checking and redirects) View Rendered Source Web Developer Clear cache Keyword Surfer Grammarly Heading Tag Markup Lighthouse Location Guard
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    PBN or backlink from article?

    I buy 1-3 guest posts for ~100-300$ a month. I consider making PBN, but after calculating time and money for domain and hosting, I figure out that guest posts are cheaper and faster to get a content backlink.
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    PBN or backlink from article?

    Hi, I have a question. Is backlink from pbn is better than backlink from website with high DR and search traffic? I mean write pretty good article and buy place with backlink to my website. It's cheaper and faster. What do you think about that?
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    Google sites / or Blogfreely

    Hi. I'm testing telegraph backlinks and using omegaindexer to index my posts. What type of content do you post on the telegraph. I write 1000-1500 words articles using ai, and I don't know if it is worth getting a backlink from the telegraph.
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    What is the best tool of Black hat?

    What is ahref?
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    best free seo plugin?

    In my opinion, Rankmath is the best. when it comes to the free version rankmath offers more functionalities: 301 redirects, robots.txt, htaccess. Yoast doesn't handle /category/ and /product/ deleting from URL. ps I think you should try all tools.
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