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    Jarvee Setting for Fresh accounts

    Hello, I start with Jarvee few days ago. And I am interrested in your follow setting for fresh accounts? Any idea about that? And how % get ban on fresh account in first days? Thanks for ideas..
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    Jarvee Proxy provider

    Hi, I started botting with Jarvee and I am facing with account disabled issued. I try ipv6 from and residental ipv6 and ipv4 from valar solution. Everytime the same problem, account is running for 2-5 hours and than is banned. Speed is very slow (operations every 45-100min, 1-5...
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    Jarvee botting 200+ IG accounts

    Ok, thank you
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    Jarvee botting 200+ IG accounts

    Ok, thank you for advices.. I will try to create accounts via proxies. Are there anyone who can recommend me best proxies for jarvee?
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    Jarvee botting 200+ IG accounts

    Ok, thank you Any idea for good proxy provider? What about rotating residental proxies are they good for IG botting?
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    Jarvee botting 200+ IG accounts

    Hi, I started with Jarvee right now and I am facing with accounts disabled. I try botting my own created account (created with chrome +VPN, max 4accounts per IP) and also try some accounts that I buy on, but 95% of my accounts are banned (during first day). I got banned 100+ my...
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