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  1. moneyrocks

    Need to monetize 100k usa junk visitors

    Hi everyone. I have 100k usa junk visitors daily. Redirect- non targeted traffic to be exact. I want to monetize this traffic besides using companies like ******* and linkbucks. As they seem to shave after a while or just don't have a lot of inventory. Does anyone know how to sell this traffic...
  2. moneyrocks

    Need pop up code

    i have still not been able to solve it. still looking for some one to do this for me
  3. moneyrocks

    Need pop up code

    thanks a lot bro i have send you mail with code ples let me know
  4. moneyrocks

    Need pop up code

    Hi every one. We need a pop up code that will launch 10 pop ups to different urls when a user visits the webpage. We used to have a script that did this. but got blocked by most internet browsers so does not work now....still have that code if anyone want to take a look at it. Maybe could make...
  5. moneyrocks

    Affiliate Program for Android traffic

    Hi every one. I have a good source of android traffic I am looking for the offers which I can use to make money from these users. I am very interested in some fb install offer if some one can guide me I will be thankful.I already tried quite a few dating fb install offers, but when I am on my...
  6. moneyrocks

    REAL Facebook suppliers

    if you want accts with real people i can do that for you i have ready stock as for now
  7. moneyrocks

    Does buying Likes make your page go viral?

    hard to find people who sell real likes and fake likes wont make it go viral for sure... so if you can find some one good then you are in for a gold for sure
  8. moneyrocks

    The majority of people who shop on Facebook are stay-at-home mothers

    hmm great info thanks a lot. and it kind of makes sense as well
  9. moneyrocks

    Timeline Tab Image Question...

    ways of fb can be strange mostly you hardly can find logic in them most of the time
  10. moneyrocks

    i need 50 or 100 $ facebook ads coupon code

    i sell accts with frnds if any one is looking for some ples do let me know as i have ready stock as for now
  11. moneyrocks

    Facebook account verification

    ips play a big roll in this. if you make accts and log into them from same ip it is most safest things to do to avoid being asked for phone verification again and agian.
  12. moneyrocks

    facebook : gif animation

    wow this is great idea to rename the extentions. but i really do feel there has to be some thing more......
  13. moneyrocks

    BEWARE of buying facebook accounts on FIVERR

    any seller who is regular seller and is looking for a long term clients will never do this for sure. so be sure to check the sellers repo before you buy. if some one is selling cheap there has to be some thing so if it is to good to be true then it is not true mostly
  14. moneyrocks

    [METHOD] Time+Facebook+blogspot+adsense= $400/month

    video is kind of hot... hehhehe and the method is not that new but tells one point that money can be made from fb still in simple ways and mind you don't need a lot of frills to make money from fb
  15. moneyrocks

    Now fresh created accounts requires phone verification???

    phone verification is must for sure now. but i a lot depends on quality of your ips as well if you have good private ips you will have least amount of issues we make upto 4 accts per ip and hardly have any issues thanks a lot moenyrocks
  16. moneyrocks

    Constant request for security check?

    seo rocks you are right..... and yea multiple ips do cause a lot of issues. we have many accts what we do is keep ip constant always never had any issues thanks a lot moneyrocks
  17. moneyrocks

    Way to get likes on a facebook photo, not page?

    you can buy accts with frnds and then use them to promote as many contests as you want
  18. moneyrocks

    Facebook business partner.

    i am willing to join hands as well.... i have accts for sale as well if you wnat to buy accts with frnds
  19. moneyrocks

    Need help choosing CPA

    you just need to try and find out bro no one will tell you what will work and what will not... read the forum and make up your mind
  20. moneyrocks

    Facebook ads: My CPC is lowww

    bloody face book any time they see that people are getting clicks for cheap this is what they do hardly much you can do about it but to keep on trying
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