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    Where to Sell Articles for $10 each

    I am an excellent writer who is passionate about being a writer. I write articles, ebooks, books, blog post and much more. Some of my writing samples can be found at and my blog at I can be reached at...
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    I just found out I've been sleeping with my cousin for the last 2 years

    If you did not know about it, then that would not be your fault. But once you know the truth, you should never go back. It spells nothing but trouble.
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    Making money using forums?

    Hire someone to maintain the forum for you
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    Closing Off BHW From The World

    I think you should make it a referral program for new members coming in and no monthly fees, but have a restricted area like the warrior forum with a one time fee.
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    Affiliate Program that pays via Paypal

    Try this blog at and look at the blogroll on the right, you will see about six good ones.
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    Twitter Follower thread

    Follow me at
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    Making money with product launches

    It is easy to make money with product launches but you have to know the right methods to use without having to use Google Adwords and even when you don't have a subscriber list. It is really easy to use the methods I have researched and found to rank above your competitors on Google's Front...
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    === Guaranteed Money Making Guide - 100% workable, you can slap if you it doesn't :) ===

    This market has feeding frenzy and is wide open to anyone, but I don't touch it because of not knowing enough about the niche.
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    Place your twitter code on your blogs as well as on (open an account). Mybloglog has high PR rank.
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    How to get on front page digg?

    You can search digg for your keyword and make comments on posts that have lots of diggs, but make good comments. the only draw back is that you have to wait for about five minutes for your post to go through.
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    Craigslist Posting made simple...

    How does your software deal with the required caption? I have an easier way to post on craigslist. Create an image, upload it to You will be allowed to link your image to your URL and generate the html code from To open an account there is free. Then you go to...
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    Quick Question about CB

    If you are the publisher, clickbank does send notification, but if you are an affiliate, clickbank doesn't. Refresh your browser each time you log in.
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    The Niche Guide - Intro & Part 1 (Finding A Niche)

    I wanted to add another niche keyword search tool here at I use it all time and it comes up with some awesome results.
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