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  1. luciusdarth

    What's best Method for Gambling Ads?

    I agree with this. although i have my own cloaking tools, but the preparation is everything. having healty account, good proxy, etc.
  2. luciusdarth

    Cloaking of google ads

    Hi there, have you solved your problem? like you, i also running ads for gambling online but its on Facebook I also have my own cloaking tools, but its not the only solution. you need a good proxy, good anti detect browser and a healty account to ads. if i may ask, where is your region for...
  3. luciusdarth

    300% ROI on TikTok Ads

    well it takes time, but now it run smoothly on FB. besides Tiktok, are you running other social media ads? is the result good?
  4. luciusdarth

    Is it possible to run Instagram ads for gambling???

    Hi guys, want to shout is it possible to run gambling ads on Instagram? i tried and got banned :D I usually run the ads at Facebook using cloaking and stuff. is there any technique to work around on Facebook? thank you in advance! Cheers,
  5. luciusdarth

    Want to run FB Ads for Gambling niche. Any legit service provider?

    Hi there. what kind of problem do you have? i run Facebook ads for gambling related and it's working great! i'm using my cloaking tools that i made myselft. working with more than 20 ads right now. Are you running the ads yourself?
  6. luciusdarth

    300% ROI on TikTok Ads's awesome man. Makes me want to learn and research for that. I used to run TikTok ads around Jun, but then its stop. if i'm not mistaken its taken down because i'm running a game/gambling ads related in my country Indo. Focusing on FB Ads after that, while the...
  7. luciusdarth

    Preventing Writer's Block [GUIDE]

    I used to write. people said it's good. then i stop. don't know why? maybe because of this Writer's Block. Thank you sir, for making me want to start it again!
  8. luciusdarth

    Hello new here!

    Hi there, i am new too!!! Trying to learn new stuff here to complete my Cloaking tools for ads. is there any threads or discussion that might help me?
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