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  1. akash64782

    Hello, Welcome ME, I am Newbie Here

    Welcome to BHW, Mate
  2. akash64782

    New beginnings for myself and I hope to help others in the future

    Good Luck Gary, Best wishes. Let me know if you need any kind of help
  3. akash64782

    New newbie :)

    Sent you one. Please check in conversations
  4. akash64782

    New newbie :)

    I have good experience in driving organic traffic. Feel free to message me. I have worked before on some of my client porn sites.
  5. akash64782

    New newbie :)

    Hi Radek Welcome to black hat world. Developing by yourself is good thing , you will save money and learn so much from that. Do you have any previous experience regarding monetizing porn site ?
  6. akash64782

    Should I go for a rottweiler or an american bulldog?

    German Shepherd are Friendly and protective! I think it would be a best option for you.
  7. akash64782

    my website not indexing in google

    Can you please help me my website wwwdotearthfriendlytonerdotcom is not indexing in any search engines Please help me :(
  8. akash64782

    Brand Marketing GEO Facebook, twitter etc..

    JUst Pmed you..:)
  9. akash64782

    Looking for web designer/coder

    Just send you request on skype...
  10. akash64782

    PSSfor install plugins Wordpress+CSS edit

    If the job posting is open plz hit me with a mail..A very professional work on cheap prices... [email protected]
  11. akash64782

    Google Visibilty problem!

    Hello Guys Please help me. A keyword which is ranking in googledotcom on 3rd page is not visible in Canada ranking.Can you guys please help how i optimize this keyword in Canada ranking. Thanks in advance...
  12. akash64782

    Paypal -70$

    what about the negative balance?
  13. akash64782

    Paypal -70$

    I am from india..same problem...-28$
  14. akash64782

    Something worth sharing!

    What is that....Irrelevant post.You are breaking rules dude.:06:
  15. akash64782

    Free 1800 Directories List PR checked

    any reviews.............:p
  16. akash64782

    SEO Cost Question + Freelancer needed.

    400$ only...;) I can do it for you..If you are interested let me know.
  17. akash64782

    need a site built

    Pm sent!:D
  18. akash64782

    Today Is My Birthday!

    Many Many Happy returns of the day..buddy..God bless you.
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