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  1. johnny1221

    [FREE] Udemy Courses - Limited Time

    Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately most of them had expired when I saw the post, however I still got some good ones
  2. johnny1221

    Website Ideas for a New and Bored Developer

    I dont yet sorry. That's next on my list though and I'll be learning it this week
  3. johnny1221

    Website Ideas for a New and Bored Developer

    Does anyone have any good ideas for a website I could make? I'm not asking for monetizable websites, I'm asking for a non-monetizable website idea. Something that you think would help a lot of people if it was on the web. Please let me know any ideas you have. Thanks!
  4. johnny1221


  5. johnny1221

    Investing Into Crypto Under 18

    My method is to just buy from a btc atm(the fees kinda suck though) and then put it directly into binance if I plan on buying other cryptos
  6. johnny1221

    Monacoin time to buy now

    I agree. They're loving Cardano
  7. johnny1221

    Promising coins
  8. johnny1221

    Will Bitcoin Reach 12000?

    Cardano is extra under-rated
  9. johnny1221

    Promising coins

    Cardano. The team and their goals are incredible and I think it will at least hit where Ripple is at currently if not more
  10. johnny1221

    Opinion on Cardano

    What's your guys opinion on cardano. It's blown up recently and it looks like they're tryin? to solve a lot of current problems with crypto. Think it will go up more soon?
  11. johnny1221

    IOTA - People don't recognize that the future is right here

    well you were right. shot up for 40% today
  12. johnny1221

    What did you get done this week?

    Invested in a cryptocurrency Wrote part of an ebook Sold a domain I bought a month ago
  13. johnny1221

    Reddit Upvote Exchange Groups

    Already have a several people signed on. Glad to see this is starting well
  14. johnny1221

    Reddit Upvote Exchange Groups

    Anyone know of any good Reddit upvote exchange groups? In case their is none, i'm starting my own anyway, so feel free to join
  15. johnny1221

    My website and your large instagram or twitter accounts

    Hello everyone. I am very good at making products and websites, but not the best at marketing. I'm also on a limited budget so finding affordable advertising is hard. My website is It is a website for a funny bumper sticker that I made. I am...
  16. johnny1221

    Looking for graphic designer for teespring campaigns

    Pmd for different oppurtunity
  17. johnny1221

    How I turned $7K into ~$25K in the past 3 weeks and my journey to $500K

    Zcash is up 90% today Jesus Christ
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