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  1. TarArAis - Service Provider Pro Alternatives?

    I've used Zendo too but there are many things that are not finished, it feels a bit like a beta product. I'm looking for something solid, they don't convince me at all, ideas?
  2. TarArAis

    how to find google news approved domain

    Nowadays you can get a domain approved in Google News in a matter of days, however traffic is not as good as it used to be
  3. TarArAis

    GOOGLE Approved news sites

    Tbh, just apply for it, have a nice RSS and that's all. I get sites published in News with auto-copied content from other sources, not a problem the "quality content" thing, also sites have no contact page, no about us, nothing.... Just fresh news and a good structure, if you have fresh articles...
  4. TarArAis

    Story Repost Method | Go Viral on Reels in 2023 Using Mother/Child

    great thanks for sharing man! To be honest Ive never got any notification in my feed, always in the spam folder, any advice to end up in the primary or general folder?
  5. TarArAis

    Jarvee/SuSocial ~ Instagram Automation

    I read it, for what I see you are trying to fool "instagram guys" by saying that a tool is closed when everybody knows is not, is it? Maybe I am missing something
  6. TarArAis

    Looking for Spanish Backlinks

    Hi guys, long time not seen ya! I am looking for Spanish specific backlinks for my website (Spain - not south america) (I dont have Skype, only Telegram) Thanks!!
  7. TarArAis

    [GIVE AWAY] 50 Aged Quora Accounts

  8. TarArAis


    Hey there, can I have some samples please? Im highly interested
  9. TarArAis

    ░▒▓[2023]The Knockout PBN░▒▓Crowned 2500+ orders ░▒▓Min DA 25+ and TF 15+░▒▓ Satisfied Track Records░▒▓Discount inside

    Hi, have you got any samples please? I'd be interested in getting some links, thanks
  10. TarArAis

    Aggressive Local SEO - Local Setup, Optimization & Manual Citation Service - Money Back Guarantee !!

    Hey Lucky I'm quite interested, any discount code available? I'd like to test your service, thanks!
  11. TarArAis

    Has Anyone Made Their Own Web 2.0 Network?

    as far as I know web 3.0 is the exact same thing but u can connect certain functions to the blockchain, I dont think that will help a lot with linkbuilding
  12. TarArAis

    Where can I watch full tutorial of using GSA Serp? Also is there a cheaper source?

    Hey mate! I actually read it, fantastic!
  13. TarArAis

    Where can I watch full tutorial of using GSA Serp? Also is there a cheaper source?

    same here! did you find any tuto? thanks!
  14. TarArAis

    Instaccountsmanager (IAM) software

    I can teach you how to use it! :)
  15. TarArAis

    Best Mass DM service today?

    Im not sure IG will ban you as you could use this method to get your competitor banned, I am doing mass DM and mass comments and Idk but it works as a charm for me ‍ :D
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