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    Does Amazon Affiliate Pay for Clicks?

    It's from the sale. I don't think they pay for clicks, it'd be very easy to bot if they did.
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    Question about future new site

    Many people are doing bot content. You can even find many journey threads. So you should be able to do this if your keywork research is solid.
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    [STUDY #2] Using indexing services from BHW on orphaned pages

    Following! Thanks for the testing and sharing the results :)
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    Newbie To Hack The Music Business

    Welcome aboard, mate! Just so you know BHW is not a 'computer cracking/hacking' community.
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    I am receiving dead iPhone US traffic from Google Ads

    I agree... If your ads are in relatively competitive sector, it might be competition draining your money. You could use a script or software to test the traffic and if it's fraud - you can try to contact gads support and they should probably refund your money.
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    revolut for adwords

    Revolut doesn't work for gads threshold accs...
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    Best software cracked or free for blog articles writing

    You should give this a read - It's a nice guide :)
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    Journey to $2000 with my Digital Agency

    Good luck for your journey, man!
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    [SPOONFED METHOD] Make $100 on Facebook Over and Over Again With No Investment

    Nice method, mate. Thanks for sharing!
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    While people sell, big whale buy

    Dot com is nothing compared to current everything bubble (it's a real term, you can read about it if you want).
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    More service providers only accepting crypto payments..

    How are you paying this much in fees?
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    How is this Store created ?

    Looks like a custom built store without cms. I checked with builtwith... it says that the store first started on shopify but then moved to vue.
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    Is it possible to use amazon associates anonymously?

    You won't be able to receive payment with fake details. Most financial jurisdictions ask for that info so any legit business/network will collect that info from you. You can create account under a family person's details I guess.
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    Be careful with & , a nice scam model

    Most of those group buy sites don't work. How much btc did you send?
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    [Question] Can I use Bing to scrape websites in Scrapebox?

    Yes, you can. You can select engines in settings and can do tests too.
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    Sometimes these bans are just random and humans ain't checking the reports so better just move on, you can try posting some other content and see what sticks.
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    While people sell, big whale buy

    IDK man... After last FOMC meeting, it seems like this fed meeting may announce interest hikes. They don't. All they have is fed's printer that's been printing and lending them money at negative real interest rates...
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    I love Google

    Well hopefully you jump to top lol. Google might just the indexing the link and testing new position for you site I think.
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    [Question] Why do I rank differently in each location and how to rank better in those cities?

    Google also ranks pages differently for users where they can personalize the results. You could try to optimize the content for related keywords I guess... no shortcuts man.
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    Will BTC fall to $32k or rebound to $48k first?

    Well more bad news came... And I don't think it's gonna stop falling yet. The fed meeting will be held very soon and powell might announce interest rate hikes. The fed printer is slowing too I think.
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