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  1. Biscut

    Personal profile banned under legit ecom business. What to do next?

    My personal profile was banned from advertising as well even though my fan pages and ads were legit. I finally found out it was because I shared two stories on my personal page that facebook didn't like. One was a Project Veritas video about a US government whistleblower and the 2nd was a news...
  2. Biscut

    Apparently I was neg SEO'd

    You may also want to add more diversity to your links. High quality blog comments, articles and videos to dilute the negative effects. Another idea would be to send an email to the blog owners to have them remove the links. Some will and some won't. Trying to remove thousands of links is a...
  3. Biscut

    [FREE] 25 Pinterest Followers

    username: waterionizer Many Thanks!!
  4. Biscut

    Web 2.0 question.

    I would definitely keep them separate. You'll have more link diversity and you may decide at a future date to sell one or just outright get rid of one. I always keep each of my sites separate from the others for these very reasons.
  5. Biscut

    Do you still use Articlesbase?

    Articles are still effective for getting traffic. I use Articlebase as well. On average it doesn't get me the same amount of traffic as Ezine does but I still get traffic from it. Article marketing is effective if you can get a good CTR on your articles. For those articles that have a good CTR...
  6. Biscut

    Wordpress Sales Page Template or Plugin

    Do a search on Google for "wordpress salespage templates and plugins" and you'll find plenty of resources. You could also use the search function on BHW to find templates and plugins. If you are using a premium theme see if they have recommendations and if it isn't for free check the download...
  7. Biscut

    From PR0 to PR3 in Three Days

    Do you have any other sites that you are promoting with Google+? I wonder if Google is doing this to get marketers using them instead of Facebook and take away some of their marketshare. Facebook is now their biggest competitor and they will try anything to overtake them. If they feel that they...
  8. Biscut

    A little help please

    A good place to start would be to read Shezboy's autoblog method. This is an excellent tutorial on building autoblogs. Once you go through this then search the forum for...
  9. Biscut

    Running out of posts to populate autoblog

    WPRobot is based on campaigns not keywords. You can add numerous keywords for each campaign you set up. I don't think there is an exact number as I've never had a problem with loading more keywords into my campaigns.
  10. Biscut

    Does Wordpress hurt your rankings?

    I use Wordpress and do very well in the rankings however, I agree with Madoctopus. You still have to do your on-page SEO or you won't rank. Wordpress just makes it easier to do your SEO.
  11. Biscut

    dup content question

    Duplicate content is a myth. I have autoblog sites that are 100% duplicate content that get hundreds of unique visitors a day. If you look at any news site they are full of duplicate content and yet their duplicate content stories rank in Google.
  12. Biscut

    What SEO Books Do you Recommend to Read?

    SEO Book by Aaron Wall is great. I read it a year ago and Aaron really knows his stuff. I'll see if I can find it.... unless it's on the DNS list.
  13. Biscut

    Looks like Amazon will be dropping ALL California affiliates soon

    Nevada corporation. You can find dozens of places offering Nevada corporations. Ask a lawyer which will work better for your situation, corporation or LLC.
  14. Biscut

    autoblog and blogger

    Read Shezboy's thread on autoblogging. It will get you started on your way to making some good autoblogs.
  15. Biscut

    You visit illegal websites

    This is one of the oldest email tricks and I'm surprised you clicked on it. I NEVER EVER EVER open an attachment from someone I don't know and unless I know what they are sending I won't open one from someone I do know. Hopefully your computer isn't infected.
  16. Biscut

    stock photo - anyone knows where a good website to download them or get them free :)

    There are 25 different sites here that you can use to get free pics
  17. Biscut

    An alternative of Market Samurai for Competitors Analysis?

    Traffic Travis is pretty good. You can find the full version in the download section as well.
  18. Biscut

    Free Wordpress Themes by Zethix

    If you don't like them then stop looking at them!
  19. Biscut

    Ranking 2-6 for the same KW! Normal ?

    I have seen other sites showing 2, 3 and 4 listings for the same keyword. I wonder if google is testing some algorithm changes as I've only started noticing them within the last month or so.
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