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  1. Digital Plug

    Is it worth using a bot on Instagram nowadays?

    I know limits are atrocious but is it possible to automate likes/follows without getting restricted/shadowbanned?
  2. Digital Plug

    What are you listening to right now?

    New Young Nudy Album
  3. Digital Plug

    What was the best moment for you in 2022 ?

    Just curious, what country are you from?
  4. Digital Plug

    Who's doing well with Facebook Performance Bonus?

    Really don't see much talk regarding the Facebook Performance Bonus on BHW... Curious who's doing well with the bonus. I'm on my 2nd renewal on both of my pages (240k & 103k)
  5. Digital Plug

    Hello from Austrian project manager

    Welcome to BHW!
  6. Digital Plug

    what are you doing in December 2022?

    Building on FaceBook and Instagram.
  7. Digital Plug

    Is it still safe to using follow/like bots on Twitter?

    I know Instagram has made it damn near impossible to do much... How's Twitter these days? How safe is it and what are the limits?
  8. Digital Plug

    How to run Crypto offer on Facebook | From A - Z

    how much have you been generating from this?
  9. Digital Plug

    Where to find funny videos for reposting?

    Be careful, FaceBook is VERY strict on copyrighting content that is stolen. 1 copyright strike and you lose your ability to monetize. How large is the page?
  10. Digital Plug

    Facebook Performance Bonus Throttling Reach/Engagement

    My posts have been doing SIGNIFICANTLY worse since joining the program.. curious if anyone else is running into the same problem. Thanks
  11. Digital Plug

    What is the most anonymous crypto?

    Monero is what most use.
  12. Digital Plug

    FB Ads DIY : Do it Your Self With my Help

    What are the most profitable CPA ad niches for you? And what are the safest ads to run with the least amount of risk?
  13. Digital Plug

    Best email scraper / sender?

    It's a PC program for $97
  14. Digital Plug

    What are good niches for affiliate marketing with google ads?

    I'm just getting started so I was looking for some input.. I want to pick a niche of advertisments to build a funneling website around along with a hot list of emails, but I'm having a hard time deciding on what route to go down. It seems like the "make money online" niche is one of the most...
  15. Digital Plug

    Best email scraper / sender?

    Just inquiring about what the best scrapers people are using.
  16. Digital Plug

    Best email scraper / sender?

    I can't find it, it's "Instagram Email Profile"?
  17. Digital Plug

    Best email scraper / sender?

    I've seen a lot about Scrapebox but I wanna make sure I do my research before spending the money on one.. the plan is to put togehter a list for cold emailing and use that to make a hot list. I've seen profilemate quite a bit too but it seems gimicky..
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