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  1. Sweely

    How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

    OP here. Protip: this can be done with ChatGPT now :D
  2. Sweely

    Your leads + My profitable method

    How old are you and in what vertical are you looking for leads? Do you have contact with business in UK willing to pay for leads? Yes/no? :)
  3. Sweely

    Website not getting indexed

    Sounds you just need more patience. It can take more than 15 days to get indexed nowadays. Maybe a little more content, depending on how long the articles you've already written are.
  4. Sweely

    Should i end my webdevelopment after the 1st Sale?

    I just wanted to say that you (might) need backlinks to rank locally if you're going to take the local SEO route. Not just create a website. When the search volume is so low, you really need to compensate by ranking in the top. Even for local easier keywords you might have to purchase a few...
  5. Sweely

    Best Link Indexing Service For Profile Links?

    I just wanted to chime in and advise you to scrap the idea altogether. Please, just spend $30 on ONE decent backlink from a REAL blog. That might actually make a real difference unlike these profile backlinks that Google have devalued since a long time back. Why is the general SEO community...
  6. Sweely

    Rapid changes in website traffic & visibility

    This. The changes in fact DO match the Google updates. There's essentially been a (major) Google update every single month for the past 3 months. Here's a list of Google updates:
  7. Sweely

    What is 4 results index penalty?

    Hi OP, I'm currently experiencing the same behavior on a new site of mine. While I don't believe this to be a penalty, I'm wondering if you've solved it yet and if so, how? Was it a content or authority issue?
  8. Sweely


    Got articles in weight loss that are 100% unique and somewhat long, hit me up :D Please send me sample.
  9. Sweely

    How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

    Just pick a clickbank product that doesn't have too much competition and don't follow this advice to the T. Don't pick anything in weight loss and health in general to start with. Here's a post from the Clickbank blog regarding gravity and what it means...
  10. Sweely

    [Case Study] Content marketing - 10 months of creating content

    Would be great with an update from OP :)
  11. Sweely

    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    It's because it's always going to work ;) Wishing you the best of luck.
  12. Sweely

    How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

    I literally made over $100 this week alone through old links of mine. I do not spend time on this 'method' anymore as I've moved onto other, bigger things but it just goes to show you that there's money to be made out here. Especially for those of you just getting started in IM.
  13. Sweely

    [JOURNEY] Rank with Translated Content

    How are you planning on monetizing your site?
  14. Sweely

    [Authority Site Journey] Organic Growth to 100k visitors per month

    Feel free to update this thread :)
  15. Sweely

    How much are you making as a Clickbank affiliate? [SCREENSHOTS]

    What your traffic source? :)
  16. Sweely

    How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

    This method = better to promote low gravity products. My advice.
  17. Sweely

    How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

    Personally SEO is my favorite method although hard. Paid traffic for long-tail keywords that aren't competitive can also be great when starting out if looking for a completely different method.
  18. Sweely

    How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

    I know people who make a lot more than this on a monthly basis on CB. There are much better traffic methods. This is literally ONLY for noobs and people who are broke :) CB is very saturated otherwise when looking at paid traffic sources and such.
  19. Sweely

    How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

    Forums & Reddit in 2021
  20. Sweely

    How I Made $1500 on Clickbank With a $0 Investment

    You could create a blogspot blog with pure clickbank affiliate links (without a redirect) but I personally don't think Blogspot sites are anywhere near legit enough to be used for this long-term. Besides, you don't own the property if you run the blog on Blogspot. It can get removed any minute...
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