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    Need a simple registration/login PHP/MySQL script

    Launching a new website, have the layout already done. One of the simplest websites you'll see. Here's what I need to finish up: Registration script that requires- Username Password Email Logs IP address Email Validation Also the HTML form to place the registration on my page. Login...
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    Best place to sell an eBook?

    Anyone know any good websites to sell an eBook, I've recently came up with a very nice Black Hat method on making a decent amount of money a day, only going to try to sell a limited amount of copies and wondering where would be best to go about this? I've been trying out digitalpoint and have...
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    Can anyone put a value on this brand new website thats profiting(small potatoes)?

    Okay so from the time that I went to sleep (4 am) and woke up... hour ago or so. I made another ~100$, with 725 clicks and 87 conversions. Roughly 8:1, I'm not that great with CPA but I think that's pretty good? Ever since I did what I listed above all I've done is answer a few Yahoo Answers...
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    Can anyone put a value on this brand new website thats profiting(small potatoes)?

    All I do really is post up my link on different places, yahoo answers, 1 forums(of millions? lol), and youtube comments. That's all, so I think that's sorta automated traffic right? I mean they come to the site, hit the gateway and there we go CPA ad filled out! So it's not like... I have to...
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    Can anyone put a value on this brand new website thats profiting(small potatoes)?

    Okay so other day I bought a domain from godaddy for 1$, got some free web hosting by 110mb, set-up the website, simple 3 pages. CPA offer on the 1st page that I don't even try to give attention, content gateway on 2nd page, then my own little twist method on the 3rd page to increase traffic...
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    Maxbounty shut down?

    Anyone got any idea what's going on over at Maxbounty? Site seems to be down and I hope it's not for good ;/
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    What do you think this site's worth?

    Anyways. Anyone got a rough idea what it'd be worth? Just want to get rid of it.
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    What do you think this site's worth?

    Well maybe this can help: These stats aren't updated with November 24th's, but it looks like 24th is quite a...
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    What do you think this site's worth?

    Thanks for the response, will check that out. Do you have any idea what this kind of site would be worth? The site is about a newly released movie, has the front page with just general info about the movie, has a content locked page, and a support page which has a little twist on it to get my...
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    Best place to sell a website?

    Where's the best places to sell a website? I heard Sitepoint is good, what else is there?
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    What do you think this site's worth?

    What's a rippahhhh? I'm pretty new to all this. I don't want to give out the URL yet, cause I might have a bunch of copies for it and the traffic would go down fast, but 40k really seems like a lot, are you sure that estimate is accurate? Any other opinions on this?
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    What do you think this site's worth?

    Traffic comes from; Yahoo! answers Youtube Twitter and my link posted on the top websites related to my keywords and just other websites that people who visit my website post my link on.(little twist I put on my site) Can't access my stats right now, but there's a bunch of websites where my...
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    What do you think this site's worth?

    I couldn't find the right forum to ask this question, so sorry about this. But I'd like to know how much this website would be worth; Website is 4 n half days old Total page views: 16,613 Total visitors 10,889 Total it's brought in over 4 n half days from 1 CPA network is $301.54...
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    Person with Guy Fawkes avatar

    Hey where are you! I can't find you lol.. I like that avatar
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    Free Xrumer Blast for first 10 repliers

    Hey for the other person giving away blasts, is it okay if I maybe get in on it? I'm really interested in Xrumer but don't have the startup to purchase it. Would love it if you could help me out with my campaign I'm running
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    Legality question

    Legality... is that a word? It sounded right. Anyways I didn't know where to put this, every sub-forum didn't seem right, so I figured this would be the closest. I am wondering if this is legal or illegal and what the consequences could be. If you have a normal website about Twilight New Moon...
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    Domain showing up on ranks question

    Okay so I got a little problem here, I'm trying to get my website to just rank, not trying to get it amazing low rank, just ranking period. We'll take Alexa for example, my website shows "No Data". I know I just brought my site up a few days ago, but I'm trying to do the best I can with it. When...
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    New domain/website

    Umm alright about the sitemap part, I'm unable to verify my site with Google because my domain is forwarded to my free web hosting, it's able to verify my one but not my .info because it can't find the file or meta tag... do you have any solution to this?
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    Free Xrumer Blast for first 10 repliers

    If there's any possibility I can get in on this I'd greatly appreciate it, I'm new starting out with this and want to get my first site going good
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    New domain/website

    So I'm pretty new to this all and have done tons of reading first to do my background work. I haven't been able to find an answer to something though.. How long does it take for a new website/domain to register on any of the web rankings? Every page shows up as "not found" or "no data". The...
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