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  1. Al7nd

    How to invest $5-10K for long-term earnings?

    I've managed to make some good money in youtube, but It's not working anymore. I'm looking for a decent way to invest up to 10,000$ online. I wouldn't go for cryptocurrency because I have no clue about it. What would you suggest?
  2. Al7nd

    What to do with 80 IG accounts + Massplanner + 50 different proxies ?

    I have bought 80 Instagram accounts (2-5 years old) and have already 50 different proxies to use with Massplanner. Which would be the best way to make money? And how to avoid getting account banned from ig ?
  3. Al7nd

    How to invest $1,000 ? (No dropshipping please)

    So lately i'm thinking of how can i invest 1K USD to start making money online... I tried dropshipping but I failed.
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