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  1. mrsix

    [Method] Make $1000 a Month With Amazon - Newbie Friendly [Phase 5a Published!]

    Awesome stuff meathead. You mentioned another for those looking to up the ante a bit. Have you created that yet or am I just blind and can't find the link?
  2. mrsix

    Looking for programmer with AWS S3 experience

    Budget is realistic and "as soon as possible" means ideally under a two week turn around time. If you can do it in 2 days perfect, if you can do it in 7 days great. I just need a firm ETC and everyone is happy.
  3. mrsix

    Looking for programmer with AWS S3 experience

    Thanks for the tip. Was hoping to find someone in the BHW community first :)
  4. mrsix

    Looking for programmer with AWS S3 experience

    Like the title states, I'm looking for programmer with AWS S3 experience. Essentially I need a basic CRUD interface created that will allow me to add / remove / edit items in the bucket. Language of choice isn't as important as getting it done as soon as possible. I will not hire anyone...
  5. mrsix

    Weed Related Question / Quiricity

    Where the hell do people come up with this crap? Cannabis is the devil we should all take more pharmaceuticals and it'll all be ok.
  6. mrsix

    Free links on Forbes, Mashable and Inc

    I'm in on this for sure
  7. mrsix


    edit: Thanks for getting in touch with me Mark. I appreciate your willingness to work with me through this.
  8. mrsix

    Actually useful SEO companies?

    Which service area you referring to? Rankusnow? I'm looking at everything so please links would be helpful :D
  9. mrsix

    Actually useful SEO companies?

    VitaRank and a service by sdseoguru were from BHW. Both of those have gotten me nowhere. Yeah in-house would be great but not really something do able at this moment.
  10. mrsix

    Actually useful SEO companies?

    So far, my client has been with 3 "SEO companies" and the results have been far less than stellar. I need an SEO package that actually works. So far I / We have been burned pretty bad. Several thousand dollars and just as many reasons from the providers as to why there has not been any movement...
  11. mrsix

    Hit by Google Algorithm Updates? We can help you Disavow Low Quality Backlinks Safely

    Can you PM some information about your white-label service? I'm in need of a solution asap.
  12. mrsix

    Tax advice in USA

    Far too many variables in that equation to give an any where useful answer.
  13. mrsix

    THIS JUST IN- Insolent 23-year-old owes Facebook $1.4M for ad ‘scam’

    What a dumb shit. Had he at least negotiated with the courts he'd be fine. Either way he'd take a huge judgement up the ass dry but it certainly wouldn't be 1.4mil and he'd likely avoid jail time.
  14. mrsix

    Hydro Links - The real SERP Booster - 100% white hat technique

    please send me some sample links and sample report.
  15. mrsix

    Over 2,000 Products Avail for Drop-shipping in Vaporizers, Hydro Equipment and Electronics

    Do you have well organized spreadsheets of your products?
  16. mrsix

    [Teespring-Design & Sell] 2K$-21 days Testing Facebook CA-Free Tool Included-Join with me!

    Are you creating a FB page and promoting a post on that page for the shirt(s) or direct linking to your teespring page.
  17. mrsix

    [Teespring-Design & Sell] 2K$-21 days Testing Facebook CA-Free Tool Included-Join with me!

    After logging in and connecting to FB, enter your search query, click "Extract Audience" then click "Extract all the passionate fans". On the resulting popup window you'll see Name and Facebook Emails checkboxes.
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