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  1. DramaFox

    Oops! Get banned/account closure from ExoClick

    As stated, I really don't know. Amy from ExoClick just sent me an email informing me that after reviewing they decided to reopen it. That's all of it. I did not even contact them after getting banned.
  2. DramaFox

    Oops! Get banned/account closure from ExoClick

    Actually this is not really a "scam alert" or something, just a tip tip tiny complaint on how they manage to close my account, and others' as well I guess. So I started with IM about 2 months ago, zero knowledge, on the adult cpm/cpa field. I couldn't work it out with cpa with the twist I was...
  3. DramaFox

    If you had $1Million in cash and wanted to turn it into $10Million?

    I'd try very hard to just burn all that 1mil in exact 1 year from now. At the end of the year I'd come back to this thread and "receive" that 1mil again.
  4. DramaFox

    [GIVEAWAY] $140 Bing Coupons for FREE

    Nice one. Got an coupon of $131 when spend $26. Though I didnt have any balance yet...
  5. DramaFox

    Porn uploading method 2018 / lets share some tips

    I must be doing terribly wrong as well since I generate almost 178 hits but no conv. Chaturbate cam, yes
  6. DramaFox

    Redirection virus in theme?

    Spend money for an official theme. $39 or so. Will at least save you time and efforts.
  7. DramaFox

    Free Traffic for all Members (100 visits per day)

    I'm in haha am I late?
  8. DramaFox

    My Failed journey to earn money online(Help)

    I see the point there, and again I'm not pretty sure if my thoughts and story are any good for you but still I gotta say you're not at the dead end street, yet, so don't consider failing at any given point by now. I know a guy, used to work in the same office, then he quit his full-time job to...
  9. DramaFox

    My Failed journey to earn money online(Help)

    Listen to Battle Symphony... Take a deep breath... You have a problem with success? Your perspective on success sucks. How'd you define it? You're still a student, man, at that age I was still... studying, not making any money, or even thinking about it. Graduate would be my first success...
  10. DramaFox

    Making Money Online: It All Starts With YOU. (Not Methods. Not Google. YOU.)

    I almost quit today after 10 days starting out with adult traffic affiliate. Then I see $1.59 gained on my CrakRevenue page (for 613 clicks, ok, ok). Then I read this post (again). Damn man, can I really have a break? I've already made enough money for lunch...
  11. DramaFox

    Porn uploading method 2018 / lets share some tips

    Those guys said no. But I must confess the opposite. I chose vids base on my own experience on it. If it's not worth my jizz then why waste time uploading it. lmao.
  12. DramaFox

    A couple beginner tips, low cost/free money making methods for beginners

    I didn't really read everything on this thread but I already found something worth my reading effort. It's motivational, man it's really catchy... and all. I'm a noob on this. And I'm actually just reading and crawling some time on the forums to find a thread like this. Cause I bet what I'd be...
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