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  1. Blogger325

    need anonymous debit card

    Privacy is also a debit card, not credit card and will flag as a prepaid debit card for membership services. Wouldnt recommend.
  2. Blogger325

    Skip gmail signup phone verification?

    I also tried this but only got a few like 3-5 accounts out of it. Then it asks for number before you can even put in your age.
  3. Blogger325

    MultiLogin SessionBox alternative

    If everything is truly separate based on new containers then why when I create new accounts (ex:gmail), I can see all previous info from other accounts. If it were truly different like different Google Chrome Profiles, you shouldnt be able to see that info, right? Because if you can see it- then...
  4. Blogger325

    Non-VoIP US Voice/Text/SMS Verifications | Only $0.50 | Huge Inventory |

    Do you get to keep your number for a certain period of time, or is it a one time code only to verify? What if we need the same number to reverify something
  5. Blogger325

    Create free UNLIMITED phone numbers [No TextNow or TextPlus] Works for FB, IG, Twitter..

    can you explain how the SIM card route goes? Do you need to first have an active service with a certain mobile carrier?
  6. Blogger325

    Can i use virtual phone service like Twilio to confirm facebook account? Please advise! :)

    Yes, but problem is if you ever need to reverify the number. TextNow inactivates your number after not using it for a certain period of time that they dont disclose. Unless someone has a way to send out texts without logging in every few days, which can be a hassle. I believe they consider...
  7. Blogger325

    If your fb ad account got banned, do your personal facebook acc stands?

    No you cant make a business ad account after your personal FB ad account is already banned.
  8. Blogger325

    FB ads Bad feedback?

    You would be surprised at how many customers give "feedback." FB considers even a thumbsdown on an ad as negative feedback that will negatively affect your ads score, dropping relevancy which can result in a ban amongst many other things.
  9. Blogger325

    1 FB account banned = all FB account from same IP banned?

    Where are your accounts farmed ? Which country?
  10. Blogger325

    How to get Facebook ad accounts?

    I would 100% recommend against VCC's for Facebook Ad accounts. That is a sure fire way to get your accounts banned. There are a few people selling in the marketplace here, but definitely do your due diligence. Feel free to reach out to me and I can give you some tips :)
  11. Blogger325

    Anybody buying Push Notifications?

    It works well for sweeps and lead gen :)
  12. Blogger325

    Which affiliate networks are paying best to their affiliates?

    Hey, can you clarify what you mean by putting together a health food website ? If its up can you send me the link. Thanks!
  13. Blogger325

    Nee here.

    Hey, I pmd you - I may be able to help you out :)
  14. Blogger325

    Guess Best 5 to 10 push notification advertiser?

    were you running trial or SS for nutra offers on megapush?
  15. Blogger325

    Journey To 1K / Day Doing CPA

    There are lots of networks that work directly with advertisers for nutra. I know Gotzha has lots of nutra offers.
  16. Blogger325

    Best CPA Networks For Nutra Trial Offers?

    Gotzha - they also have lots of other offers too outside of nutra like casino and sweeps :)
  17. Blogger325

    Looking for best affiliate health programs that pay high

    Hey, are you still looking for nutra offers? I may be able to help out. :)
  18. Blogger325

    $50k/month Journey Real Estate Journey

    I am licensed for the state of FL and buy and sell in all of central FL. Problem with FB leads are that they are often 6 months + sometimes even over a year out from buying and need serious follow up plans set up in order to keep top of mind with them for when they are ready to buy. Now if you...
  19. Blogger325

    Realtor Looking To JV With Someone Who Can Lead Generate

    Who do you telemarket to? I have to buy lists or that is something you provide. Please PM me. Hey, I actually forgot I posted here. Most were FB offers. As with FB the typical client is 6+ months out on average, I am looking for someone closer to the 30-90 day range, similar to Zillow. If only...
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